6 Best Arm Workouts Without Weights

Arms are among the most noticeable parts of the body. For this reason, people aim at making them the best with men aiming for bigger arms while women are aiming at making them toned and slender. The good news is that arms are among the parts of the body that can be easily manipulated by working out. The best solution is to go to the gym and work yourself sore for the best arms you need. However, if you are short of time, funds, or simply prefer working out from home, there are some arm workouts you can do without the need for weights. Here, we list six of the best arm workouts without weights.

  1. Diamond Pushups

    Diamond pushups are among the hardest types of pushups one can do. This arm workout places emphasis on the triceps and the shoulder blades rather than the chest like normal pushups do. To form a diamond, go into the normal pushup position and ensure the thumbs and index fingers are touching one another. Lower your body slowly till it can touch the top of the palms while keeping the rest of the body tight namely the thigh muscles, glutes, and abs. push up the body to the starting position and start all over again. If it is too hard, do it against the wall. If too easy elevate your legs.

    Diamond Pushups Workout for Arms Without Weights

  2. Triceps Extension Workout for Arms Without Weights

    Triceps extensions will do away with any imbalances and weaknesses in the body especially the arms. To perform it, stand upright with arms around 6 inches apart. You can stand in front of a wall or a TRX machine to place your hands on. While keeping the abs and glutes firm, step back and let your whole body forward. Go as far as to allow the head duck below the arms. When the arms and the rest of the body have formed a single plane, use the triceps to push yourself back up.

    Triceps Extension Workout for Arms Without Weights

  3. Triceps Dips

    Triceps dips, as their name suggests, is an arm workout meant to strengthen the triceps without the need for weights. To perform the triceps dips, place your hands on a bench or chair. You can start in a sitting position with the hands right next to your body on the chair and your feet together on the ground. Move your bottom forward and off the chair while keeping the knees at more than right angles between the ground and the thighs. This requires moving the feet further ahead. Allow your body to go as low as possible then push yourself up using the triceps. You can add the level of difficulty by adding the distance between the body and the feet through moving the feet further ahead.

    Triceps Dips Workout for Arms Without Weights

  4. Chin Ups

    Chin ups are a variant of the pull-ups with the difference coming about due to the direction of the arms. The normal pullups require you to place the palms on the overhead bar while they face away from the rest of the body. While this is a good workout for the arms, chin ups crank up the level of difficulty by taxing the biceps more and stretching the back some more. They derive their name from the fact that it is a norm to keep the chin up when performing this exercise. They also trump the biceps curls as the weight of the body is more than that of dumbbells.

    Chin Ups Workout for Arms Without Weights

  5. Inverted Rows

    Inverted rows focus on the biceps and the back and are the inverted versions of the normal barbell rows. To perform this arm workout without weights, you need to lie on your back with a table or bar above you but within arm’s reach. Using an overhand grip where the palms face away from your body, grab the bar or table edge. While keeping the body straight and the abs tight, pull your body up till it touches the bar. Slowly let yourself down and pull up again as many times as you need. This exercise can also be performed with the palms facing towards the body to work the rest of the muscle sin the arm.

    Inverted Rows Workout for Arms Without Weights

  6. Resistance Band Workouts Without Weights

    Resistance bands offer the best solution to working your arm muscles without the need to lift dumbbells or other weights. You can start by standing in the center of the bands with each arm holding an end of the bands. You then slowly lift the band ends together up and down in unison. While doing this, keep the rest of the body straight up and rigid for the best results. You can also vary the degree of the pull-ups by either pulling them to the front, towards the back or parallel to the body. This is one of the most important exercises and will ensure you build up muscles depending on the thickness or level of resistance of the bands.

Other Arm Workouts Without Weights

There are various exercises/workouts that can work the arm muscles including the various types of pushups. Renegade rows also work the muscles of the shoulders while sweepers add a touch of flexibility on the body. None of these exercises requires the user to carry weights and can thus be performed at home, or anyone one needs them. If you want to keep away from equipment at all costs, each of these exercises can be replaced with their variants that do not need to be accompanied by equipment. The resistance bands can, for example, be replaced with biceps curls using the opposite foot as the weight.

6 Best Arm Toning Exercises Without Weights

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