6 Best Exercises for Foot Drop

A medical condition known as Foot drop renders a person unable to lift his front portion of foot without bearing severe pain, which frequently makes it drag and prompt to agony or uneasiness when walking. This particular condition appears by weakness and deficiencies in the muscles around ankle and top foot region. It can also appear by a brief or all the longer haul neurological and anatomical issue. Specialists recommend that specific activities to reinforce foot muscles and increased mobility can enhance the working of the influenced foot sometimes. Nonetheless, it is vital that you look for therapeutic guidance for foot drop condition before beginning any treatment or recovery. We have gathered some of the effective exercise to relieve foot drop condition.

6 Best Exercises for Foot Drop

6 Best Exercises for Foot Drop

Foot Drop Exercise #1: Ankle Rotation

In order to do this exercise for foot drop, support your back with a chair and sit up straight, bring one leg up noticeable all around. Gradually turn your one foot inward to the extent you can bear to hold for few moments then hold it again by turning it outwards. Rehash this practice six times on each leg. It is recommended to add ankle region weights to additionally enhance muscle strength. There is another option available too; you can likewise do rotation about full ankle, six times in each direction i.e. clockwise and afterward anti- clockwise.

Foot Drop Exercise #2: Calf Raises

Calf Raise is an effective exercise for foot drop. Stand with supporting your hands-on table for support and rise over the toes. Lower your heels after holding the previous position for about five seconds and rock back on and stretch so your toes are noticeable all around, and you start feeling an extend in calf muscles. It is advised to hold in this position not more than 6 seconds then rehash the whole exercise 6 times.

Foot Drop Exercise #3: Towel Stretch

Towel stretch is very effective in strengthening your lower foot muscles and is also beneficial in foot drop condition. This exercise is very simple to practice. All you need is towel big enough so you can hold it with your hands, in stretched arms position while looping it over your foot. For this exercise, sit on the floor with your both legs extended before you, then loop a towel around your affected foot and grasp the towel with your hands on both sides. Keep the affected leg straight and start gradually pulling it towards you. Hold this position for 30 seconds and then relax. Repeat the exercise with delay of 30 seconds. It is important to note that you sit up tall and keep your legs straight.

Foot Drop Exercise #4: Ball Lift

To do this exercise for foot drop, sit down and put a lacrosse ball or other small object on ground before you. At that point, utilize your feet to lift the ball off the ground by expanding your legs. Convey the ball to knee-stature while keeping your foot in dorsiflexion. Holding for five seconds is recommended, then discharge and rehash ten times.

It is advised to put a couple of marbles on floor and attempt using your toes to lift them up. This will enhance your skill and the quality of the little muscles of feet.

Foot Drop Exercise #5: Ankle Dorsiflexion

Your lower foot muscles are very small, and a slight stretch can impart a huge strength in them. Ankle Dorsiflexion is an exercise specially designed for foot drop conditions. Person suffering from foot drop can choose this exercise to perform in leisure time or even during working over a desk. Stretch the legs straight outwards while sitting on floor then stretch your feet, so the toes move in the direction of your body which makes your heels to lift the ground. Switch the foot after holding in this position for around five seconds then extend your foot the other way and twist curl toes under firmly with strength as much possible. Hold for an additional five seconds and rehash the full exercise for as long you can bear.

Foot Drop Exercise #6: Heel Cord Stretch

Heel cord stretch is a specifically designed exercise for strengthening the lower foot and calf muscles. This exercise is easy to follow and doesn’t take enough time to perform. The best part about these simple exercise for foot drop is that it does not require any equipment and anyone can perform it at home. Heel cord stretch can be performed by standing facing a wall with you unaffected leg forward while keeping a slight bend in the knee. Your affected foot must be straight, and behind you, with the heels flat and toes pointed in slightly. Keep both heels flat on floor and push your hips forward toward the wall.

The Ideal approach to cure foot drop is repeat exercises time to time because it retrains your mind to utilize those influenced muscles, rather than dismissing them with the utilization of orthotics. Repetition matters most is the key point to keep in mind while practicing an exercise regimen. The more you repeat a work out, the more open door your mind needs to rewire those capacities. Your mind needs consistent support with a specific end goal to recover development.

You, additionally, should be to a great degree, steady with your practice regimen. If you just do these activities once in a while – or just when you feel like it – then you would not see great outcomes in recovering from the problem of foot drop.

Given this, choose a suitable exercise from the rundown above and rehearse them consistently. It’s the most ideal approach to rewire your mind and recover your typical walking comfort.

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