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9 Amazing Benefits Of Passive Hanging Stretch

There are a lot of hanging stretches or exercises; and the most important ones are the passive hanging stretch and the active hanging stretch. Hanging stretches are essential for us in life as they benefit us in various ways, such as improving our grip, increasing flexibility and many more. In this article we will talk about the passive hanging stretch and know about some of the best benefits of passive hanging stretch.

What Is Passive Hanging Stretch?

What Is Passive Hanging Stretch?

Passive hanging stretch is a hanging workout that is quite simple to learn and provides amazing health benefits. In this kind of hanging stretch you need to hang passively from a pull-up bar and this in turn helps you in strengthening the grips, softens your shoulders, improves your range of motion, and decompresses the spine. You can also improve your flexibility and shoulder stability by performing passive hanging stretch on frequent basis.

Passive hanging stretch is quite a simple exercise and to perform this, you need to first focus on gripping the pull-up bar very tightly. This helps in relaxing the rest of your body so that you can actually deepen the stretch and the decompression. You need to be very sure that your ribs are absolutely locked down and do not allow them flair out. Keeping the ribs locked down, allows for the lengthening to happen where we would want it in our shoulders and our rest body. Allow your hips and your pelvis to sit naturally. Make sure you relax your hip flexors so that the front half of your body can extend and can elongate. Do this at least 5 minutes in a day for better results, before and after your regular workouts.

9 Amazing Benefits Of Passive Hanging Stretch:

There are:

Passive Hanging Stretch is Beneficial in Strengthening the Grip:

How about knowing that passive hanging stretch is great for strengthening your grips? It is essential to have a strong grip if you want to open a tight jar or if you plan for a rock climbing mission.

There are some studies which show that weak grip strength might be actually a risk factor for reducing mobility later in your life.(1) You can improve your grip strength by doing passive hanging strength.

It needs improved grip strength for holding the position while doing passive hanging strength. So, doing this can help you in improving your grip strength.

Passive Hanging Stretch Increases Flexibility Slowly:

Passive hanging stretch can also increase your flexibility slowly and also improves your endurance. However, make sure to do the hanging stretch correctly, as doing them incorrectly can injure you.

This Is A Great Cool-Down Method:

After doing heavy cardio you would definitely want to lie down or take some nice rest. However, if you do this, the lactic acid in the muscles builds up and you can actually suffer from this. So, you need to cool down after cardio and you can perform passive hanging stretch which is a great way to cool down.

Passive Hanging Stretch Helps You To Loosen Up:

Before starting your exercises, you need to warm up a bit. So, perform jogging or start passive hanging stretch and you will be ready for whatever exercise you are planning to do.

Benefits of Passive Hanging Stretch In Improving Shoulder Stability:

Passive hanging stretch helps in improving shoulder stability. For performing pressing and overhead movements, we need mobile and strong shoulders. So, when we do passive hanging stretch, our shoulders relax in to a new end range of motion and the shoulder stability in improved.

You Improve Your Posture And Have Better Spinal Awareness With Passive Hanging Stretch:

When you are hanging, you think of your body being pulled in to a straight posture or a symmetrical line. However, if due to lack of posture control and any other mobility problem, if things are not properly aligned in your body from top to down, then this symmetrical line turns awkward and comes out of the place hanging position. This can result in excessive lumbar extension which is quite negative for the lumbar spine and hips.

So simply hanging passively while keeping the lower back flat increases your awareness of any imbalance in your posture. The best thing is to hang while keeping your legs joined together with your toes pointing forward. In order to maintain a flatter lower back you can pull up your knees to your hip level.

Passive Hanging Stretch Is Great For Releasing Tension:

Passive hanging stretch is great for tension. Today we spend most of the time in browsing internet or social media sites, watching YouTube videos, and staring at the digital screens for hours. One of the best ways to get rid of your bent neck posture and strained eyes is to perform some of the neck rolls and some other stretches so as to keep your eyes off the screen. You can try passive hanging stretch here.

It Helps In Gymnastic Progressions:

It is known that if someone is willing to progress into various movements like pull-ups, chin-up, or even the gymnastic movements, such as toes to bar, kipping, and muscles ups; the person will want to consider adding hanging in to their warm-ups. So when you add passive hanging stretch you will be increasing your stability of shoulder, grip strength, and help yourself in pursuing the progressive movements of gymnastic.

You Can Easily Learn Passive Hanging Stretch:

One of the finest benefits of passive hanging stretch is that it is quite easy to learn. But it is always better to do the stretch under the guidance of a personal fitness trainer.


So, passive hanging stretch is actually a great exercise that you can practice on a pull-up bar to improve your upper body strength, spine health, and improve the flexibility and grip strength. However, keep a note that you are doing the hanging workout from a secure pull-up bar so as to prevent any unwanted injury.

NOTE: Passive hanging stretch might not be safe for pregnant women so it is better to avoid this during your pregnant phase or consult with your doctor and your personal trainer before doing this.


Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Sheetal DeCaria, M.D. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:January 8, 2020

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