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What are Kettlebell Exercises & What is it Good For?

There are a lot of exercises which can be done to improve fitness and overall well-being. Kettlebell exercise is one such exercise that requires kettlebells and that helps in burning calories, building flexibility of the body and in several other ways. Let us read on to know what are kettlebell exercises good for?

What Are Kettlebell Exercises?

Kettlebells look like a cast-iron cannon ball having a handle on its top. These kettlebells come in different weights and you can make use of these equipments as you do lunges, shoulder presses, and lifts. The kettlebell workouts get your heart pumping and are quite beneficial in burning calories, offering body flexibility and many other things. Kettlebell exercises mostly targets areas like the core, arms, glutes, legs, and back.

It must be mentioned that if you are a beginner in this exercise, you need to start using a lighter kettlebell and gradually increase the weight of kettlebells and also go for more advance workouts of kettlebells. You can perform these exercises both, outdoors as well as indoors; all you need is a kettlebell. These kettlebells come in weights that range from 5-100 pounds and you can purchase them from sporting goods stores or from online retailers.

What Are Kettlebell Exercises Good For?

There is a short review of a research on kettlebell exercises that teaches about some of the workouts and its benefits. This review was published in the year 2017.(1) Some of the recognized benefits kettlebell exercises include its benefits to core stability, body composition, cardiovascular and respiratory health, endurance, strength, and overall power.

Kettlebell Exercises Are Good At Burning Calories:

Burning up calories is what most of us love to have in our workouts. If you are someone looking for a good workout to burn up to 400 calories in just 20 minutes, then you definitely need to try some of the kettlebell exercises.

Kettlebell Exercises Are A Great Core Workout:

Kettlebell exercises stimulate an incredible amount of abdominal contraction because of their explosive conditioning movements. This basically means that you are working your abs even without actually working your abs.

The abdominal contraction along with coordinated breathing offers quite a high level of conditioning that actually has made kettlebells popular among athletes and fighters.
It is absolutely right to say that a strong core is the foundation for most sports and for overall fitness of the body. So, try these exercises to improve your core strength as this makes a great core workout.

They Are Good For Cardiovascular And Respiratory Health:

There are studies that show that kettlebell exercises are good for cardiovascular health. In one study there was absolutely clear evidence of some effective positive changes in cardiovascular health from kettlebell exercises.(2)

Kettlebell exercises are also known to be beneficial in improving your respiratory health. Since there are several kettlebell exercises which we do with our arms in an overhead position, the muscles that are responsible for assisting our breathing process are pretty engaged in the muscular activity; thus not allowing them to assist in the process of respiratory. This in turn forces the muscles that are most responsible for the breathing process so as to play an even higher role in the cardiovascular health.

Kettlebell Exercises Are Effective in Increasing Strength:

Kettlebell exercises are very much effective since they stimulate your muscles and surpass the usual or standard cardio exercises.

They also enable you for increasing your strength and building up speed and also your endurance levels simultaneously. You can improve your strength and endurance in a short time period.

Kettlebell Exercises Improves Your Posture:

A good form is very much required in kettlebell exercises, so in case you feel like you are deteriorating from your form then you need to stop and rest. The first thing that must be kept in mind is that your entire back and abs remain absolutely straight. So, while performing these kinds of exercises, your posture gets improved.

They Offer The “Movement Advantage”:

There is the “Movement Advantage” that you get from kettlebell exercises and that is that you learn to move in a better way by using kettlebells. Most physical therapists value these exercises because they teach us to move in a better, stronger, and a safer way.

It must also be noted that these exercises are ergonomically natural to the range of motion of the body.

They Build Powerful Forearms And Improves Your Grip:

Kettlebell exercises help you build powerful forearms and also improves your grip. Kettlebells have a thick handle and that helps in developing the strength of your forearm. Moreover, the way these equipments are designed, help you in your grip training.

Kettlebell Exercises Allow You To Reduce Overall Training Time:

What could be better than this knowing that these exercises allow you to actually reduce your overall training time? Yes! Kettlebell exercises are quick and also effective and thus you definitely need to adopt this form of exercise in your fitness training. Moreover, such exercises also allow you to devote your attention towards your skill, strategy, rest and recovery.


So, kettlebell exercises are good for so many reasons. They are very much effective and thus you should definitely try doing them as a way to enhance your overall fitness level.

You need to note that when kettlebells become heavier, to take care about securing your grip. It is always great to start the exercise under the supervision of an expert fitness trainer.


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