How to Lose Flabby Arms?

Flabby means fat accumulated under the skin. The occurrence of flabby arms are due to the accumulation of excess of fat and result in loose and hanging skin in the upper portion of the person’s arms. They make the arms look thicker than usual. Flabby arms are also called as ‘Bat wings or Flabby flappers’.

They are a result of increased age (>30years) when the body fat increases and the lean muscle decreases. These changes occur due to hormonal changes taking place with increase in age and due to sedentary (less active) lifestyle. With age, there is a decrease in the rate of metabolism, less amounts of calories are burnt which leads to increased accumulation of body fat. This in turn, results in the weight gain. The excess fat then starts getting stored in the regions of the arms and gives a saggy appearance. Even genetics is considered as an etiological agent in causing flabby arms.

The problem of flabby arms is more common in women than in the men. It makes a woman appear saggy, heavy and unhealthy in appearance. However, there are ways in which one can lose the flabby arms. Let us have a look at them.

How to Lose Flabby Arms?

How to Lose Flabby Arms?

The presence of flabby arms gives a jiggly appearance, which is embarrassing. This might affect a person’s confidence and create negative image about oneself. Hence, it is imperative that the person should try to lose them.

Answer: The two main ways to lose flabby arms are, to exercise and to eat proper diet. The other ways are:

  • Staying hydrated
  • Engaging in cardio exercises and Tone arms with strength training. Both these types of exercises burn excess of calories and maintain muscle strength.

There are ways to combat and tighten flabby arms by incorporating both regular strength training sessions and cardio workouts.

Exercises That Help Lose Flabby Arms

It is much easier to lose overall weight, when the person is overweight, than losing excess of fat in the arms. Getting rid of flabby arms requires special exercises to be performed, which are as follows:

  • Chicken Flaps to get Rid of Flabby Arms: It is the most convenient form of exercise for women and preferred by many working women. All one has to do is perform 70-100 chicken flaps per day. It involves extending the hands perpendicular to the body and folding them at the elbow and allowing the hands to touch the shoulders and then flapping them.
  • Swimming: It is the best form of exercise. Swimming tones up the entire body including the arms. 3 days a week swimming reduces flabby arms in 9 sessions.
  • Push-ups: These are primarily chest exercises. They strengthen all the muscles in the body and help to burn all the fats accumulated in the upper part of the body especially in the arms. One has to start with at least 12 push-ups daily and gradually increase their number. People with flabby arms should perform at least 70 push ups daily.

Push-ups Exercise That Help Lose Flabby Arms

  • Bench Dips or Triceps Dips: It is the most common exercise that burns fat in the arms and develops triceps. One should perform at least 12 sets of bench dips. While performing this exercise at home, one should keep a bench or chair behind and place one’s arms on it and hold it. Now, place a stool under your feet so that they are raised from the ground. The dips are to be performed now by lowering the body, however make sure that the hands are tucked in at the sides and the elbow is at 90 degrees. Repeat the exercise. The other triceps involving exercises are triceps kickbacks, triceps extension and bent over row can be also performed by using dumbbells.
  • Bicep Curls: This is a basic weight lifting exercise performed by lifting the dumbbells. It helps to build muscles and burns excess fat in the arms. It has to be repeated as many times as possible. It should be done with a good posture to avoid back pain.
  • Arm Circles: This exercise is a modification of chicken flaps. One needs to stand and stretch arms and move them in circular outwards and inwards motion. This burns excess fat in the arms and strengthens back muscle and shoulders.
  • The Windmill Exercise: Rotating the upper arms and the shoulders is a good workout for the arms and helps in strengthening the upper arms and the neck and shoulders muscles. In this exercise, the biceps and triceps are targeted secondarily. It involves, raising the arms in front at the shoulder level and place them parallel to the ground. Further, rotating the arms upwards, then backwards, bringing them down and then in the front and repeating the procedure.
  • Losing Flabby Arms with the Wave Good Bye Movement: The motion of waving the arms allows stretching of all arm muscles and helps to tone the arm. In involves raising the arm to the shoulder level onto the sides and moving only the wrists (palms) as that in the good bye position. One should wave 100 times a minute.
  • The Prayer Pose Exercise Helps You Get Rid of Flabby Arms: The way to tone the upper arms is to work on both the triceps and biceps. One needs to join both the hands together, so that the triceps are engaged. These are then moved upwards and downwards (1 set) where the biceps remain engaged. Repeating this exercise helps to tone the muscles.

Performing daily at least some of the above mentioned exercises, will enable to tone muscles of the arms and help you get rid of the flabby arms.

Foods That Help Lose Flabby Arms

  • Capsicum: It is very much beneficial to our body since it helps to burn fat (calories) in the body. It also boosts metabolism. Intake of capsicum every day shows decrease in flabby arms and weight in few days.
  • Avocados: It is a fruit which boosts metabolism and switches off hormones that store body fats. It can benefit you in your effort to lose weight and flabby arms.
  • Dark Chocolates: Dark chocolates also boost metabolism. They also keep one’s stomach full, and prevents you from consuming extra food thereby helping you get rid of excess flab on your arms and other body parts.
  • Soups: Soups are considered to be great boosters of metabolism, especially, the chicken soups. Overall soups reduce the total calorie intake by 30%.
  • Green Tea: Green tea is very beneficial and helps in weight loss and thus for losing flabby arms as well.


Flabby arm is a common condition. The only way to treat it is by shedding excess of weight by performing right exercises in the right manner and by eating appropriate type of foods. This makes the arm appear firmer and well-toned.

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