Causes of Weight Gain in Midsection & Ways to Get Rid of it?

It is really difficult to manage weight gain in midsection, especially when you dream to have attractive and flat abs. Weight gain in midsection not only makes you look obese but also makes you prone to a number of health problems. It is important to know the causes of weight gain in midsection and ways to get rid of it.

Although weight gain can occur in any part of your body, but the midsection is more prone to excessive accumulation of fat cells than other parts of your body. Excessive weight gain in belly can increase the risk of developing heart disorders, breast cancer, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and other health complications. There are many causes of weight gain in midsection, but natural ways can help to get rid of it.

Causes of Weight Gain in Midsection & Ways to Get Rid of it?

Weight Gain in Midsection – Types of Fat

Your midsection has two different types of fats which increase and results in weight gain in midsection.

  • Subcutaneous Fat – This type of fat usually develops beneath the skin and it is less harmful and less dangerous fat.
  • Visceral Fat – This type of fat develops within the abdominal cavity and it is the dangerous type of fat that can cause a variety of health complications. Visceral fat usually develops around the area of intestines and other organs in your abdomen. If the amount of visceral fat increases in abdomen, it can lead to several health disorders like cardiovascular disorders, metabolic syndrome, Type 2 Diabetes and certain types of cancers. They are very difficult to lose compared to subcutaneous fat.

Causes of Weight Gain in Midsection

Causes of Weight Gain in Midsection

There are several factors responsible for causing weight gain in midsection. Here are some causes of weight gain in midsection.

  • Sleep – According to many studies, the amount of sleep that you take at night can cause accumulation of fat and weight gain in midsection. Reduced amount and quality of sleep is the primary cause of weight gain in midsection. Individuals younger than 40 years who receive sleep less than 5-8 hours at night can accumulate large amount of fat in their midsection over time and increase the risk of weight gain in midsection.
  • Stress – Human body releases a steroid hormone called cortisol in response to stressful situations. This steroid hormone usually has positive impact on your health as it regulates energy within the system. But, in excessively stressful situations, excess release of this hormone contributes to fat deposition in midsection. This is one of the commonest causes of weight gain in midsection.
  • Diet – The number of calories consumed daily, your daily diet and your fat intake greatly contributes to accumulation of fat cells in body directly, especially in the midsection. Simple carbohydrates and sugars from the food are stored more easily as abdominal fat. Beer Gut is a condition which usually develops from drinking too much of beer and other beverages containing simple carbohydrates and sugar. This can also be the cause of weight gain in midsection.
  • Genetics – Heredity can also be a primary cause of weight gain in midsection. You may be genetically prone to gain weight and fat around your abdomen and belly. If your siblings and parents have midsection weight gain, then you are also likely to be like them when you grow older.
  • Menopause – Women undergo several changes throughout their life cycle, especially during menopause with decline in their estrogen levels. In their younger age, the estrogen level is higher and their body tends to store fat in upper thighs and hips. But, during menopause, the level of estrogen decreases and the body starts distributing the accumulated fat more in midsection instead of thighs and hips. Due to menopause in women, the body becomes weak to perform regular workouts which leads to natural loss of lean muscle mass and causes weight gain in midsection.

Ways to Get Rid of Weight in Midsection?

If your waistband is getting tight day by day, then you are not alone. There are many people across the world experiencing weight gain in midsection and finding natural remedies to lose weight from their abdomen effectively. Increased belly fat and weight gain in midsection usually reduces good cholesterol and increases triglyceride level which can lead to cardiovascular diseases and strokes in people. Knowing the ways to lose weight in midsection can help to look great and reduce several health risks.

Regularly exercises and healthy diet are important to lose weight gain in midsection. Additionally, there are other steps that can help you lose weight in midsection naturally.

  • Exercise daily for at least 30 minutes in the morning which will help you to burn excessive fat cells in your abdomen. Jogging, running, swimming, walking, aerobics and cardiovascular exercises can help lose weight gain in midsection naturally.
  • Reduce the frequency of your meals and portion size but consume nutritious foods to lose weight gain in midsection. Take small meals for about 5-6 times in a day, rather than consuming 3 large meals in a day. Try to include cereals, vegetables and fruits into your diet, rather than red meat and fatty dairy products. Foods with large quantity of sugar like soft drinks, pastries, cakes, sweets and other sugary foods must be avoided.
  • Manage your stress with meditation and yoga, practice relaxation and deep breathing techniques.
  • Take sound and quality sleep for 7-8 hours at night. This will stimulate the dispersion of fat instead of accumulation in belly, improve metabolism and help to lose weight in midsection.

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