Is it Safe to Workout During Your Periods?

So, you got your period and got a reason to ditch your workout during this time of the month. Women who lack confidence or lack the awareness about the fact that menstruating women actually feel better while they workout during their periods, would choose not to hit the gym during their periods. However, if you are the one who out of all the reasons has at least one reason for self to not sit back from exercises during her periods then believe us; this is the article you need to go through an eye read. In this article we will let you know if it is okay to workout during your periods or can you workout with the cramps while your menstruation phase. Hope you will find this pretty interesting.

Is it Safe to Workout During Your Periods?

Is it Safe to Workout during Your Periods?!

So, if you have been wondering if it is safe to workout during your periods; then please be informed that YES! IT IS SAFE TO WORKOUT DURING YOUR PERIOD. In fact it is a good thing to work out during your periods as exercise aids you in relieving period related issues like fatigue, anxiety, headaches etc. But one thing you must not go for during your periods while moving your body includes the “Inverted yoga poses” which requires you to stand on your head as that can be an issue. Such kind of moves requires standing on the head and this engorges your blood vessels in your uterus, which would make you bleed more and thus cause more cramps.

We will know more about workouts during periods, their benefits and the best workouts during periods in the following arrays of the article.

A Wonderful Fact Regarding Working Out During Your Periods: Worth inspiring!

One of the wonderful facts that recently made hot news is about the woman named Kiran Gandhi who ran in the London marathon during her period without a tampon so as to raise awareness for all those women who lack access to feminine care products and she crossed the finish line with blood-soaked tights. Now just think of, if she could run 26.2 miles bleeding freely then the rest of the women can safely exercise at least for 30 minutes even during periods.

Benefits of Working out During Your Periods!

Now that we know that it is okay to workout during your periods, let us now know about the benefits of working out during periods.

  • Exercising or workouts helps in having regular periods and also aids you in experiencing less cramps and reduced heavy flow while your periods. As you sweat by working out, water leaves your body which can help you relieve uncomfortable belly bloat.
  • Apart from this exercise also releases the mood enhancing endorphins which can at least take your mind off discomfort and pain while periods.
  • You can go for the light exercises and keep yourself moving even during periods. This will at least help you not to take a break from your fitness routine that helps in your overall health.

Best Workouts That One Can Opt for During Your Periods:

Some of the best workouts to be done during your periods include the following:

  1. Walking: You can go for simple walking and do you know, a walk actually gets you moving without injury or any danger? So, why not prefer walking during those period days and keep you with a feel good feel as you are at least exercising.
  2. Running: If you are okay to go for something more than walking during your menstrual periods then go for jogging or running. You will feel better with the release of endorphins during running. However keep yourself hydrated well.
  3. Aerobics: Aerobics can be one of the most fun filled workouts to be done during periods. So you can do aerobics during your periods
  4. Dancing: Dancing is the best exercise which helps you burn some calories. You can do this during your periods as it actually doesn’t feel like exercise.
  5. Planking: Planks can be done during periods. If you are feeling lazy and want to stay at home and watch television during your periods then all you can do is every time there is a commercial break, you can get down on the floor and perform your planks. Just lie on the floor and put your arms and elbows below your chest and raise your body using your forearm and toes. Hold on this plank position during the commercials. This kind of planking can be beneficial too.
  6. Yoga: Though inversion yoga poses are not recommended to be done during periods, there are some specific yoga poses which can be done as per your skill level. You can go for the cat pose, knee-to-chest pose and also the restorative pose of yoga during your periods. These stretches would help you relieve the cramps and make you feel good actually.

Just do not use your period as one excuse to skip your workouts. Try out any of the exercise which can actually keep you moving even during your periods.

Some Tips to Workout during Your Periods:

Below are some of the tips to workout during your periods:

  • Be known that it is safe to exercise during your periods. So, be relaxed and go for your workouts without worrying. You can at least go for the low impact workouts.
  • Use the appropriate protection while periods that would keep you confident while exercising.
  • Wear the right clothes that would add to your confidence while working out with periods.
  • Avoid workouts involving inverted poses of yoga during periods
  • Avoid doing any weight lifting workouts during periods as that puts strain on your back or your stomach as this may be uncomfortable
  • Make sure you are keeping yourself well hydrated. This will prevent any headaches or exhaustion that you may feel due to your periods and exercise.

FAQs Related to Workouts During Periods:

Q: Why is the period time considered as the best time to go for High intensity interval training?

A: High intensity interval training or HIIT can be the best workout during your periods. This is so because, during your periods, there is a drop in your estrogen and progesterone level and because of this hormonal drop you can access carbohydrate or glycogen more easily as compared to the high estrogen time periods. So, it can be said that this hormone shift makes fuel more accessible to the body and this in turn allows you to push harder and get more of short and fast-paced workouts during periods than other times of the month.

Q: How can I make working out during periods more comfortable?

A: You can take the OTC painkillers like Naproxen, Ibuprofen etc at least 1-2 days before your period which can help you reduce your symptoms during periods and you can go for your gym or workouts. There are many comfortable wears available for periods like the pads, liners, menstrual cups and even the period-proof underwear. You can go for them to feel more comfortable while working out.

Q: Is it okay to do hot yoga during periods?

A: Yes! It is okay to do hot yoga during your periods. It is that while your periods there is a low hormone phase that actually keeps your body temperature lower. This allows the body to store more heat and during this time your body can tolerate hotter and humid climates. So hot yoga can be done!


Now that we know that it is okay to workout during your periods and know the best workouts that could actually benefit you in so many ways while your periods, you can now feel safe and go for your favourite moves without having to worry even during those menstrual times of the month.

Kindly consult your gynaecologist and take appropriate advises from the expert trainers to keep safe and healthy and be a fit woman even during your periods!

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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