Krav Maga: Adding Krav Maga to your Exercise Routine for Health Benefits!

“It is better to be a weapon than to just have a weapon!” Do you admire or believe in this quote? Well! Krav Maga, would make you believe on this for sure. Krav Maga is a self defence system that is a combination of various techniques sourced from boxing, aikido judo and wrestling along with realistic fight training. This defence act is known for its focus on real world situations and is highly efficient.

Adding Krav maga to your exercise routine can be a wonderful way to get fit and boost your health and shape in a challenging way. This article will talk more about Krav maga and how adding this defensive system to your exercise routine can be beneficial for your health. Hope you will have a nice time reading the content.

Krav Maga

Overview on Krav Maga:

Krav maga literally means contact combat where krav means contact and maga means combat. This is a self defence system developed during 1940s in Israel by a man named Imi Lichtenfeld; which is used in martial arts and can be performed as a wonderful exercise move in your daily exercise routine. Imi Lichtenfeld taught the self defence techniques of Krav Maga to the soldiers and with passing time this became known as a popular form of fitness and self defence move all over the world; including the United States of America. This is now a trendy and challenging way to stay healthy and get in shape.

Though Krav Maga has been known as a self defence move; it is now used as a fitness move in the exercise routine for health benefits. We will know about the benefits of adding krav maga to your exercise routine in the following arrays of the article.

Adding Krav Maga to Your Exercise Routine for Health Benefits

Krav Maga as an Exercise Move:

Krav maga make use of techniques and moves from various other forms of martial arts like judo, Jujitsu and boxing. However this also uses props and weapons. Students in Krav Maga classes are taught to defend against one or more opponents wielding weapons, even guns and knives.

Krav maga also lets you know about the ways to use the body’s reflexes for self defence and teaches about the ways to target attacker’s physical weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Krav maga as a fitness move can add some great fitness benefits to people learning the same. There are krav maga inspired fitness classes which focus on cardiovascular conditioning, elements of yoga and sports circuit-style training. There are also special fitness classes in Krav maga for women and men.

Krav Maga and Exercise Benefits:

Now, let us take a look on the benefits of adding krav maga to your exercise routine.

Krav Maga as mentioned earlier is now used as a fitness move and can be added to your regular exercise routine for best of its effectiveness. Krav Maga is a high intensity form of martial arts that helps an individual to burn calories and build muscle tone. Like any other exercise program, Krav Maga sessions also begin with a warm-up and end up with a cool down phase with a lot of training and aerobic exercise in between.

Below are Some of the Health Benefits of Adding Krav Maga to Your Exercise Routine:

  • Krav maga includes various moves including the kicks, punches and certain other vigorous aerobic moves that help you tone muscle.
  • It is in fact a great way to enhance your stamina and strength.
  • One can also have benefits in losing weight from Krav maga.
  • Apart from the physical benefits; krav maga also helps you improve your mental health. The workouts in Krav Maga are specifically designed for sharpening the mental fitness of an individual. Practising or adding Krav maga to your regular exercise routine helps you enhance your self-confidence and also aid you in reducing stress.

How to Get Started with Krav Maga?

Now that we are known to the benefits of adding krav maga to your exercise routine, won’t you like to know how to get started with the fitness move? So, let us talk about getting started with krav maga in your exercise routine in this section.

There are official and licensed Krav Maga training centers and also other martial arts studios offering Krav Maga self defence and fitness training. There are also various mainstream health clubs which offer Krav maga classes. You can check online or contact the health clubs in your locality and take on the classes on their schedules. Apart from this, there are also many gyms offering Krav Maga based fitness programs where they focus more on the fitness and workout along with some self defence moves.

One thing to note is, unlike few other martial arts; Krav Maga does not require any special uniform for participating. One can wear his or her usual comfortable clothing he or she uses for workouts along with a pair of comfortable sneakers to train. One greater thing about Krav maga is this is suitable for all age groups including the children.


With all these information about Krav Maga; hope this is the right time now to check for a Krav maga center near your place and get yourself trained with this wonderful self defence and fitness system for keeping you safe, free from injury, burning off calories, developing strength and stamina, developing confidence, self esteem along with a blissful and peaceful stress-free mind.

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