11 Stretches To Improve Flexibility Fast

Although not the most exciting part of a workout, stretching is very important for improving ones flexibility and mobility. By incorporating some stretching exercises into their workout schedule, people can reduce the muscle tension and tightness and eventually make their overall workouts more safe and effective.

11 Stretches To Improve Flexibility Fast

Listed below are 11 stretches to improve flexibility fast.

#1. Standing Hamstring Stretch to Improve Flexibility Fast

This is a perfect exercise to stretch the neck, glutes, back, calves and hamstrings. In this pose one needs to stand straight with their feet hip-width apart, arms by their sides and knees slightly bent. The individual would need to exhale when bending forwards at the hips, lowering their head towards the floor while keeping their neck, head, and shoulders relaxed. They must wrap their arms around the back of their legs and hold the position for about a minute. When done, the individual should bend their knees and roll back up. Doing this stretching exercise will increase your flexibility fast.

#2. Piriformis Stretch to Improve Flexibility Fast

The piriformis is a deep internal hip rotator muscle situated on the exterior of the buttocks. Its main function is external rotation. This muscle crosses over the sciatic nerve, and if tight, it can cause sciatic nerve irritation. So, stretching this muscle is extremely important for preventing or treating potential sciatica. This exercise aids in stretching the back, hips and gluteus. To perform this stretching exercise, one needs to sit on the floor with both their legs extended in front. Then they need to cross their right leg over the left one and place their right foot flat on the ground and right hand on the floor behind the body. They should then place their left hand on the right quad or the left elbow on the right knee and press the right leg to the left while twisting the torso to the right. Doing piriformis stretching exercise is a great way to improve your flexibility fast.

#3. Lunge with Spinal Twist to Improve Flexibility Fast

Lunge with spinal twist is commonly referred to as the World’s Greatest Stretch (WGS) in the fitness community. This exercise helps to stretch and open the hips flexors, back and quads, and enhance thoracic mobility, making it the best exercise for relieving posture-related pain. It is also excellent for people who remain seated for prolonged periods. While performing this exercise, the individual should first stand straight with their feet together and then take a big step forward with their left foot to get into a staggered stance. They then need to bend their left knee and drop into a lunge. While doing this, the right leg should be kept straight behind the body with the toes on the ground in order to feel maximum stretch in the frontal region of the right thigh. Finally, with their right hand on the floor, the individual should twist their upper body to the left while extending their left arm towards the ceiling. They should hold this position for around 1 minute and then repeat on the other side. Lunge with spinal twist is a great stretching exercise to increase your flexibility faster.

#4. Figure Four Stretch to Improve Flexibility Fast

This exercise specifically helps to stretch the IT band and, the piriformis and iliopsoas muscles. This passive natured stretching pose helps to alleviate the symptoms of knee pain and sciatica effectively. In the figure four stretch, the performer needs to lie on their back with their feet flat on the floor, cross their left foot over their right quad and lift their right leg off the floor. They then need to grab onto the back of their right leg and pull it gently toward their chest. When the individual starts feeling a comfortable stretch, they should hold the position for 30 seconds to 2 minutes, then switch sides and repeat. This stretching exercise is excellent for the hips, lower back, gluteus and hamstrings and also to improve flexibility fast.

#5. 90/90 Stretch to Improve Flexibility Fast

90/90 stretch is basically a modification of the pigeon pose. This exercise helps with the internal rotation of one leg and external rotation of the other, and thus hits both movements of the hip, simultaneously. 90/90 stretching exercise is an excellent option for people with extremely tight hip flexors. In 90/90 stretching exercise, the performer needs to sit with their right knee bent at 90-degrees in front of them. The calf should be set perpendicular to the body, the sole of the foot should face leftwards and the right foot should be kept flexed. The legs should rest flat on the floor. Then, while keeping the left leg flexed, the left knee should be placed to the left of the body and bended so that the foot faces behind the body. The individual should then put their right butt cheek on the floor and try to move the left cheek as close to the ground as possible. People with excessively tight cheeks may find it difficult to do this. This position should be held for around a minute before repeating it on the other side.

#6. Frog Stretch to Improve Flexibility Fast

Since most people sit with their legs crossed, their hips tighten and cause lower-back pain. The frog stretch directly targets the tight spots in the groin and hips and is specifically useful for runners in improving their flexibility. In this stretching exercise, the performer should begin on all four limbs and get into a table top position. They should then slide their knees apart at a distance wider than shoulder-width. The toes should be turned out, the inner edges of the feet should be placed flat on the floor, and the hips should be shifted back towards the heels. For getting a deeper stretch, the individual can move from their hands to their forearms. This position should be held for around 2 minutes to improve flexibility fast.

#7. Seated Shoulder Squeeze to Improve Flexibility Fast

The seated shoulder squeeze is excellent for relieving poor posture and releasing tension in the upper back. When performing this stretching exercise, one needs to sit on the floor with their knees bent and feet flat on the ground. The individual would then have to clasp their hands behind their lower back, straighten and extend their arms, and then squeeze their shoulder blades together for 3 seconds before releasing them. This movement should be repeated for at least 5 to 10 times. Seated shoulder squeeze is a very good stretching exercise to improve flexibility fast

#8. Seated Neck Release to Improve Flexibility Fast

It is essential to stretch the neck to relieve the tension and positively impact the rest of the upper body, from the shoulders to the spine. Seated neck release stretching exercise helps to do this. In this exercise, the performer needs to stand with their feet shoulder-width apart, or sit down with their chest lifted and back straight. They then have to drop their left ear to their left shoulder and hold the position for at least a minute. To deepen the stretch, one can also gently press down their head with their left hand.

#9. Sphinx Pose to Improve Flexibility Fast

Sphinx pose lightly stretches the shoulders, back and chest. Sphinx pose also engages the abs to further support the lower back. For doing this stretching exercise, one needs to lie on their stomach with their legs extended straight behind their body. Their elbows should be placed under their shoulders and their forearms on the floor as they lift their chest up off the ground. The performer should press their hips and thighs into the floor, and focus on lengthening their spine while keeping their shoulders relaxed. They should sit up just enough to feel a good stretch in their lower back. One should not hyperextend, and stop immediately if feeling any discomfort or pain.

#10. Pretzel Stretch to Improve Flexibility Fast

Pretzel stretch helps to effectively straighten multiple vital postural muscles in one stretch. The spine, quads, hip flexors, obliques and the glutes, all get stretched optimally in this stretching exercise. When doing a pretzel stretch, the performer needs to lie on their left side with their head resting on their arm. They need to bend their right knee and hip upwards towards their chest and then let it drop to the floor. They then have to bend their left knee and grab their left foot with their right hand. The individual should ensure that their leg and torso stay in a straight line as they gently bring their top shoulder blade towards the ground. They can turn their head, to look over their right shoulder, to increase the spinal twist and also to improve the overall flexibility fast.

#11. Reclining Bound Angle Pose to Improve Flexibility Fast

This stretch is just not a gentle warm-up exercise, but also an excellent releasing pose at the end of a workout. This passive natured posture helps to stretch the hips, inner thighs and groin. In reclining bound angle pose, the performer needs to lie on their back, bring the soles of their feet together and allow their knees to open up and move closer to the ground. They should hold this position for at least 30 seconds for effective results. One can place pillows or rolled up towels as bolsters under their knees if they need support in the beginning.

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