Exercises for Healthy Eyes

Eyes are one of the five sense organs which contribute to our living and well-being very importantly. We perceive up to 80% of all impressions by means of our sight.

Whatever we do reading, writing, doing our usual works, good vision is a necessity. Most people agree that sense of sight is something they would like to give most value to than anything else. Eyes work like cameras, it is very important to keep them healthy and clean. In these days of busy life, when we forget to maintain our health, our eyes suffer a lot for the stress we take. If we do not take care of our eyes, then it can turn into a serious issue. Let us see what exercises can be done for healthy eyes.

Exercises for Healthy Eyes

Exercises for Healthy Eyes

Stretching Exercises for Healthy Eyes. Stretching is one of the most important and influential exercise that is given as a remedy to the stress related eye problems. Stretching exercises of the eyes help in increasing circulation to the eyes and make them healthy. Stretching exercises for the eyes include. sit in a comfortable position. Look straight in front. Now move the eyes upwards as far as it would go. Count for 3 seconds, then move the eyes downwards as far as they would go and count for 3 seconds. Now look straight in front again. Now move the eyes towards the left and then to the right as far as they would go. Now move the eyes in circular fashion touching all the four corners of the eye. A tight stretch may be felt in the eyes suggesting that the stretching exercise is working. Repeat the process for about a minute. Ensure to keep your head straight when doing this eye stretching exercise.

Deep Blink Eye Exercise. This is a yoga exercise for healthy eyes which helps in improving a person’s ability to adjust to distance vision. Deep blink eye exercise also helps in relaxing the eyes. For this you need sit in front of a wall. Cut out some letters of the alphabet from a cardboard box so that the alphabets are large. Now stick the letters on the wall and move back till the letters become blurry. Now, take a chair and sit at that location. Relax yourself and close the eyes. Take a few deep breaths. When completely relaxed, take a deep breath and tighten up all the muscles of the body. Keep the muscles tight for about 10 seconds and then relax and exhale and open the eyes as widely as you can. Now look at the letters on the wall. They will now become clear even if it for just a couple of seconds. Stay relaxed and breathe slowly. Keep looking at the letters of the alphabet on the wall and keep blinking whenever you feel the urge to do it. Look at the letters until they become blurred again. Repeat the process for a few minutes. This is a proven exercise which improves the health of your eyes in a couple of weeks.

Flexing Exercises for Healthy Eyes. This is another effective eye exercise which helps in improving flexibility of the eyes. This can be done with both open and closed eyes. You can use the help of someone when you first start doing this exercise to make sure that you are doing it correctly. Sit in an upright position, relax yourself, and look straight up. Now rotate the eyes clockwise slowly ensuring that you are covering every corner of the eye. This can be ensured by imagining an object moving around in circles with your eyes following the object. Continue with this for a minute and then do it anticlockwise.

Palming Exercise for Healthy Eyes. Palming exercise helps in relaxing the stressed and strained eye muscles. Palming exercise is excellent in helping the overworked eyes to relax. Our eyes are in desperate need of darkness so as to recuperate from the continuous stress that is put on it in daylight and the best way to relax the eyes is to sit down, close the eyes, and take a deep breath. Doing palming exercise frequently all through the day gives your eyes much needed rest. To begin with this exercise, you need to sit in a chair with a table in front of it to rest your arms upon. Get the palms warmed up by rubbing them together. Now close the eyes and cover them with the palms ensuring that you are not putting any pressure on the eyes with your palms. Now, you will experience complete darkness. If you see light flashes then it is a temporary phenomenon and goes away on its own. Maintain this position for a couple of minutes. This exercise can be done as many times as you want.

Focus Shifting for Healthy Eyes. This is yet another useful yoga exercise to maintain the health of your eyes. To perform this exercise, your body and mind should be completely relaxed and your breathing should be normal. Now put one arm out in front with the thumb pointing towards the ceiling. Try and concentrate on the thumb. With the eyes on the thumb, move it slowly towards the tip of the nose till the thumb becomes blurry. Stop for a few seconds and bring the arm back to the starting position with the focus of the eyes being on the thumb all the while. Repeat the process about 15 times and do it at least twice a week.

Temperature & Massage Exercises for Healthy Eyes. Some other exercises include massaging your eyes. This helps in improved blood circulation around the areas of the eyes and face. To prepare your eyes for this exercise, you first need to do warm compresses followed by cold compresses covering the entire face. You can alternate between a warm and cold towel. First take a warm towel and place it on the face making sure that it covers the entire area. Let it remain there for about two minutes. Now take the cold towel and repeat the process do this a few times. The difference in temperature between the warm towel and the cold towel will cause alternating vasoconstriction and vasodilatation which will ultimately stimulate the face and the skin around eyes. Now massage the eyes with them being closed and forehead with the tips of fingers.

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