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Can Niemann Pick Disease Go Away On Its Own & What Are It’s Natural Remedies?

Niemann Pick disease is a group of diseases that are passed down from parents, who are carriers of the mutated gene, to their kids. The condition is characterized by a collection of lipids in the cells of organs such as the spleen, liver, kidney, lungs, and even the bone marrow. There are three common forms of Niemann Pick disease namely; Type A, Type B, and Type C.[1] There are also Type D and E, but Type D is considered a variate of Type C and Type E often develops in adulthood.[2] [3] The symptoms of Niemann Pick disease will vary depending on the type, and during the early stage of the condition, symptoms may be few. Types A and B are best diagnosed via a blood or bone marrow tests whereas Type C and D can be identified through a skin biopsy.[2]

Can Niemann Pick Disease Go Away On Its Own?

Niemann Pick disease is a hereditary condition that children develop as a result of inherited gene mutation associated with lipid synthesis and storage. Types A and B occurs when cells in the body lack an enzyme known as acid sphingomyelinase (AMS). This enzyme is responsible for breaking down sphingomyelin, which is a fatty substance found in cells across the body. In cases of Type A and B Niemann Pick disease, the enzyme is missing meaning synthesis of sphingomyelin doesn’t take place, which then results in a build-up of this fatty acid. The effect of impaired AMS includes cell death that makes it hard for organs to function properly and can lead to organ failure in the long run.

Type C is attributed to by the inability of the body to properly breakdown cholesterol and lipids, which leads to accumulation of high levels of fats in the liver and spleen. There can also be a build-up of the fats in the brain. Type D, also sometimes referred to as Type C1, is associated with how fatty substances move from one brain cell to the other. [1] [2] Considering the ways in which Niemann Pick disease manifests itself, it is highly unlikely that it can go away on its own. This is because it is a progressive disease that continuously affects your body leading to various health complications. Some of these complications include; blindness, brain damage, disability, deafness, delayed development for children, and the last resort is usually death. Needless say, there is no effective treatment nor a cure for the various types of Niemann Pick disease.[2]

Natural Remedies For Niemann Pick Disease

Management of Niemann Pick disease is mainly supportive in terms of treating symptoms and slowing down the disease progression. Some of the symptoms that can be treated in patients with Niemann Pick disease are cataplexy, insomnia, seizures, dysphagia, drooling, behavioral problems, and gastrointestinal problems. Some of these symptoms, which can also be viewed as complications of the conditions can be managed at home. As much as Niemann Pick disease is associated with a poor breakdown of fatty substances including lipids and cholesterol, avoiding fatty foods doesn’t necessarily improve the condition.[4] Additionally, even cholesterol-lowering drugs do not show any progress of halting the disease process or even changing cholesterol metabolism in the cells. Nevertheless, a low-cholesterol diet is recommended, especially for patients with Type C.[5] The best way to handle Niemann Pick disease is getting genetic counseling early enough especially if you’re a carrier of the involved gene.[6]


Niemann Pick disease is a life-threatening condition that mostly affects children. For many, they do not get to enjoy life as normal healthy kids due to the effects of the disease. Niemann Pick disease is irreversible since the gene mutation is inherited in an autosomal recessive pattern. Managing the condition at home is difficult since there are no specific natural remedies for the condition. Even having a low-fat diet does not change the disease progression or the nature in which fats are metabolized. The best way to keep your kid comfortable is letting them enjoy life day by day and considering therapies that help with symptoms management and slowing down the disease progression.


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