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Is Niemann Pick Disease A Disability?

Niemann Pick disease is a fatal condition. Although financial assistance may not reduce emotional turbulence, it helps you to overcome financial stress. Niemann Pick disease is incorporated in the list of 88 conditions which qualifies for a compassionate allowance.

Is Niemann Pick Disease A Disability?

Is Niemann Pick Disease A Disability?

Niemann Pick disease is a progressive condition resulting in fatal consequences. The diagnosis of the disease in you or your child turns your world upside down. Knowing the fatal consequences of this disease brings to you the sleepless nights. You want to spend more and more time with your child. With the emotional turbulence, this disease also carries the financial strains. Sudden rise in treatment expenses increases financial stress.

Before 2008, the process for claiming the disability benefits was different and cumbersome with the prolonged waiting time. All the applications, even if the disability is identified, have to pass through the same process. At least 70% of the claims were denied. Post-2008, the things have been changes and an expedited application process is set to identify the patients which can directly claim the benefits.

Almost 88 different conditions are listed that qualifies for a compassionate allowance. Fortunately, Niemann Pick disease is one of them. If you are suffering from Niemann Pick disease, the disease is progressive and you may not be able to continue with your financial activities. Also, if your child suffers from Niemann Pick disease, you have to cease your financial activity or at least take the time from your schedule to provide quality life and care to your child. In both circumstances, the Social Security Administration provides financial assistance.

Niemann Pick disease is of five type and is caused due to the mutation occurring in NPC1 and NPC 2 genes.2 The symptoms of Niemann Pick disease type A began to develop in a child when he is six months old. Most of the patients with this condition experience poor feeding, liver enlargement, chronic vomiting, and spleen enlargement.1 If a child is diagnosed with Niemann Pick disease type A, it is obvious for the parents to give up full-time work and stay at home to take care of the child.

Type C Niemann Pick disease is a rare disorder with an incidence of about 1 in 150000 people. Type C may occur in infants as well as in young children. Depending upon the age of occurrence of the symptoms, the life expectancy varies. Symptoms of type C Niemann Pick disease include difficulty swallowing, epilepsy, dementia, hearing loss, psychosis, depressions, and hallucinations.

As Niemann Pick disease is present in the list of condition that can be provided disability benefits, there is no trouble in seeking these benefits. The patient need not prove his disability and unproductivity.

It is advised that as soon as the condition is diagnosed in you or your child, you should file for disability benefits. It will help you in getting financial assistance in the initial phase of the disease. You should provide complete and comprehensive answers to the questions asked in applications form. Your adjudicator may want to know in detail, how the disability has affected you in performing your daily-activities.3

It is advisable to hire a Social Security disability lawyer who knows every minute details of the application form. This will help you in two ways. First, it would be inexpensive and the second you would get ample amount of time to take care of your child.

Sometimes people think that as the disease is listed in 88 conditions for a compassionate allowance, it will get automatically approved. However, many times, this may not be the case. The file may get rejected because of improperly submitted claims or lack of medical evidence.


Niemann Pick disease is a disability and hence qualifies for disability allowance. Patients with this condition should apply for disability benefits to the Social Security Administration. It is advisable to hire a lawyer for a hassle-free process.


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