Insomnia: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment To Cure Poor Sleep

What Is Insomnia?

Insomnia, commonly known as ‘the disorder of sleep’ is the most common sickness related to sleep. It refers to patients always complaining about “lack of sleep” or having “Poor Sleep.” In this sickness or disorder, you need to take medical supplements and sleep tablets in order to get proper sleep. Sleeplessness can take off not only our energy level but also changes your mood. It also affects your health and performance at work.

What Is Insomnia?

Types of Insomnia:

There are two types of insomnia: Primary insomnia and the secondary insomnia.

  • Primary Insomnia: The Primary insomnia means that the person is facing sleep problem that is not connected directly with any health issues.
  • Secondary Insomnia: The Secondary insomnia is when a person is affected with sleep problems because of certain health issues like anxiety, depression, asthma, arthritis, or heartburn or intake of some medication. It can also be caused due to regular intake of high levels of alcohol.

Causes of Insomnia or Poor Sleep:

Insomnia or Poor Sleep can be normally caused by medical and psychiatric conditions, no proper sleep, and certain other biological factors. It is simply important to understand the different causes of sleeplessness.

The Causes of Acute Insomnia are:

Causes of Acute Insomnia

  • Acute Insomnia Or Poor Sleep Caused Due To Anxiety – Anxiety has the capacity to trap our mind by always thinking about life issues. Issues at the workplace or with the family can make us feel anxious. This can make it impossible for you to sleep at night.
  • Acute Insomnia Or Poor Sleep Caused Due To Stress – Different events such as the death in the family, or illness of a close friend, job-loss, etc may lead to this disorder. Tension, feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities, getting caught up in different thoughts about the events of the past and excessive worrying about future events can cause the mind to be stressful.
  • Acute Insomnia Or Poor Sleep Caused Due To Lifestyle – The lifestyle that is unhealthy can also lead to this disorder. If a person starts to follow unhealthy, sleep habits, then the problem of sleeplessness turns into serious problems later on. It is very important to detect the right type of insomnia disease at the proper time instead of letting it become the threat later.

The Causes Of Chronic Insomnia Are:

  1. Depression Causing Chronic Insomnia Or Chronic Poor Sleep- Depression occurs due to different pressure on a person’s mind and it is considered one of the primary causes of insomnia where you either might sleep very often or may get less sleep. The major reasons of chronic insomnia are anxiety and depression. This is caused due to an improper balance in the brain that can simply affect the sleep patterns.
  2. Medical Conditions That Can Cause Chronic Insomnia Or Chronic Poor Sleep- There are different medical conditions that are the primary causes of this disorder. It can be also caused by severe pain, diabetes, excess fat accumulation, cancer, gaseous diseases, and so on. These are some causes of insomnia and to solve them, various types of herbal remedies are made available.

Symptoms of Insomnia or Poor Sleep:

People of all different groups are affected by the disorder of sleeplessness. Some symptoms of insomnia or poor sleep are simple, while others cannot be recognized at the first instance. The main symptoms of insomnia or poor sleep are given below.

  • You may feel sleepy any time of the day.
  • There is general tiredness that is felt by the body on a regular basis.
  • The irritation caused by small issues of life.
  • You cannot concentrate on small things.

If you have one of the different types of insomnia, you may feel lonely. People who have sleeplessness may complain of many problems. These may include memory loss, issues related to depression or stress related problems.

Diagnosis For Insomnia or Identifying The Cause of Poor Sleep:

If you have the above symptoms of insomnia or poor sleep, you can take the help of the medical doctor. A physical exam may be conducted, a medical history may be asked of you, and a detailed sleep history will be recorded. You may be asked to maintain the diary to follow your sleep patterns and the timing when you sleep and arise. Your family doctor may feel the need to interview your life partner about the time of your sleep and your sleeping habits. The doctor may also ask some patients to partake in the sleeping test.

Treatment To Cure Insomnia or Poor Sleep:

Insomnia or Poor Sleep can be cured. Acute insomnia may not require treatment. Mild insomnia can be prevented by maintaining good sleeping habits. If you are tired and still you do not get sleep, the doctor may prescribe you with some sleeping pills. The short-acting drugs can help you prevent effects such as laziness for the rest of the day. The prevention of lack of sleep due to insomnia is impacted because they may have side effects and tend to not be effective at times.

The treatment for the chronic insomnia is different. If insomnia continues, the doctor may ask you to opt for a different therapy. Behavioral therapy helps you to change behaviors and give you access to good sleep. The different techniques may help you live a better life.

CBT (Cognitive-Behavioral-Therapy) For Curing Insomnia or Poor Sleep:

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is always conducted to improve insomnia. The anxiety leading to Insomnia or Poor Sleep is treated in a better manner. The sleeping pills are avoided in this method. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is helping a person to change the thoughts & feelings regarding sleep that may be causing stress and contributing towards insomnia. CBT can be a very safe and more effective in curing insomnia or poor sleep than sleeping pills. However, CBT is not a quick remedy for Insomnia or Poor Sleep, it requires lot of application and patience. This therapy helps you in reaching your optimum sleep level after certain period.

Best Sleep Habits To Get Rid of Insomnia or Poor Sleep

The sleep habits give below, can help you get rid of insomnia and can get you the maximum time to sleep.

9 Simple Tips That Can Be Practiced To Overcome Insomnia Are:

  1. You must make it a habit to sleep at the same time each night to get up at the same time each morning.
  2. Do not intake, alcohol during the day. You may fall asleep because of it.
  3. Get involved in regular exercise. Try not to exercise close to bedtime, because you may feel tired but not fall asleep.
  4. Try to take your meal on time.
  5. Maintain a time gap of at-least 2 hours between your dinner and bed time.
  6. The climate of your bedroom must be favorable. Your bed must be comfortable.
  7. Make habits to read a book or listen to music before you sleep.
  8. Try to do something constructive that will make you feel sleepy if you are not feeling sleepy.
  9. Try to work on a list to do the thing the next day so it may help you not to worry about things.

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