Can Cutting Down on Sugars in Our Diet Help Combat Acid Reflux?

Acid reflux is a common health problem, encountered by many people. Certain types of foods, faulty dietary habits and unhealthy lifestyle, all can contribute to this problem. We understand how hard it is to resist those mouth-watering hamburgers. But seldom do we think about its after-effects while washing down the last strip of juicy pork with an ounce of coke. Within minutes of absorbing the happiness of thoroughbred food porn, comes violent repercussions straight from the inside of our stomach in the form of acid reflux. Acid reflux is very common amongst people having irregular eating habits and causes a burning sensation in the chest. Faulty diet and other compelling food habits have greatly contributed to problems like acid reflux, indigestion and bloating.

Can Cutting Down on Sugars in Our Diet Help Combat Acid Reflux?

Can Cutting Down on Sugars in Our Diet Help Combat Acid Reflux?

When we talk about an unsweetened solution to acid reflux, it is mainly about cutting down on sugars in our diet, to combat acid reflux. This comes as a welcome move due to the proved connection between increased sugar intake and worsening of acid reflux complaints. Let us understand the link and plan an unsweetened solution to acid reflux.

Consumption of certain food types makes our body much more vulnerable towards acid reflux. Such category of food is termed as trigger foods and can vary depending on an individual’s health parameters. Contrary to popular belief, sugar is not the sole stimulus causing acid reflux however; it surely is a common component of other trigger food and drinks.

Diet plays an important role in worsening or relieving acid reflux symptoms. Consuming small helpings of sugar and restricting yourself to foods which do not trigger acid reflux can help. However it is important to stay away from citrus fruits, chocolate, fatty foods, peppermint and caffeinated beverages such as tea and coffee.

Here are some research findings that support a link between sugar intake and acid reflux.

Trigger Food and Acid Reflux

Your diet can actually prevent or trigger acid reflux. A study conducted in 2014 had established the fact that people suffering from acid flux are avid consumers of trigger food when compared to those without acid reflux. Modifying your diet can help in preventing acid reflux amongst those who are highly prone to the same without having to undergo medication.

Simply said, people who are fond of consuming heavily sweetened foods or other trigger foods containing sugar need to avoid such foods to prevent acid reflux. Reducing sugar intake is an important part of unsweetened solution to acid reflux. This may mean finding healthier alternatives to sugary foods and relying more on natural sugars in fruits or complex carbs.

Weight Loss and Acid Reflux

Researchers have claimed that acid reflux has a direct relationship with weight gain, controlling which can help decrease the severity of it. A study on Hepatology and Clinical Gastroenterology confirmed that weight loss reduces the occurrence of symptoms associated with acid reflux.

Weight gain adds to the problem of acid reflux and increasing sugar intake in your diet can be even more dangerous. Your overall calorie count increases as we continue with our intake of added sugars. It was revealed in the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans that ideally sugar shouldn’t account for more ten percent of our daily calorie intake.

Hence, another important part of unsweetened solution to acid reflux is controlling weight. Weight gain not only worsens acid reflux but also increases the risk of several health problems, so it is best to maintain an ideal weight. Also, cutting down on sugars is an essential part of weight management plan.

Tips for An Unsweetened Solution to Acid Reflux

Some of the common alternatives to sugar can be used in some cases, if your health permits. For those who would like to completely cut down on sugary foods, it is fine, but for those who like to use substitutes, here are some tips for an unsweetened solution to acid reflux.

  • Sugar Substitutes – You can use sugar substitutes while baking that sumptuous cookie without having to cut down on the taste quotient and still escape acid reflux
  • Artificial sweeteners – Artificial sweeteners are known to provide an extra burst of sweetness to your meal without adding those unwanted calories and its associated acid reflux. Some widely popular artificial sweeteners are Equal, Sweet’N Low and Splenda.
  • Natural Honey – One can also replace sugar with the natural goodness of honey so that the meal tastes delicious without losing out on the nutritional factor.

In case if you are wary of your sugar intake then don’t hesitate to consult your physician. You might be asked to maintain a daily food journal wherein you will have to keep a note of your eating habits and symptoms if any experienced thereafter. This can be of great help for the doctor while analysing the root cause of your problem and offering an instant solution. In some cases the doctors may devise a sample diet plan or refer you to a nutritionist to help with the same.

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