Do Nuts Cause Gas?

Gas is usually a symptom of any disorder caused in the stomach and intestine. Gas is usually formed when the food does not digest properly, does not breakdown properly or we swallow air while eating. Gas not only troubles you from within, the release of it may lead to embarrassing situations. Sometimes even taking too many medicines may cause gas. One of the main reasons of gas being formed is due to the find of food eaten. Due to unhealthy diet or random dietary changes, your system may show symptoms of gas, flatulence and bloating referring to failure in digestion.

Do Nuts Cause Gas?

Do Nuts Cause Gas?

Yes, nuts can cause gas. Walnuts are one of the most healthiest and nutritious nuts. They contain natural antioxidants and fibre. Even though walnut is very helpful, some people might find walnut a reason for their stomachs producing gas. The fibre content of walnut is high and if you are a patient of gastrointestinal problems, then walnut might not be the best food for you. Gastrointestinal stress leading to gas production may also occur if you have walnut allergy (if you are intolerant towards walnut). You must not think that you cannot have walnut if you suffer from an allergy of walnuts. Reports say that if walnuts are taken in small amounts often there are not symptoms of distress or gas in the patient’s body. Walnut intolerance will therefore not make you lose on the nutritional value of the food. Since walnut is also high in calories, it is better to limit its intake.

Even though walnuts are often found to the kind of nut people are more allergic to, there are also other kinds of tree nuts people are affected with like peanuts. It is often seen that if you suffer from a peanut allergy, you will also by intolerant towards walnut.

What Kinds of Food Lead To Production Of Gas?

There are several kinds of food while lead to the formation of gas in our stomach. If gas is being formed due to age related issues, vitamin deficiency or diseases, it might not be cured easily. But if the production of gas is due to dietary and gastrointestinal intolerance, medicine, smoking or stress, you can deal with it by bring a remarkable change in your daily diet plan. You have to figure out which food is troubling you. Some of the common foods which can form gas are:

  • Breads
  • Grains
  • Cereals
  • Nuts.

These substances are usually difficult to digest. For example rye, wheat bran and rice bran are certain kinds of cereals which cannot be digested easily. In the same way, almost all kinds of nuts cause gas as they are difficult to digest.

How Can You Help Yourself If You Suffer From Gas Due to Nuts?

One of the primary reasons for nuts causing gas is due the high fibre content of the nuts. Even though fibre is good for digestion, too much of it may cause constipation or diarrhea and therefore lead to gas formation. Too much insoluble fibre does not pass easily through the digestive tract, dry up the fluid and cause distress like production of gas also taking in too much of nuts increase the intake of calories. Even if just the nuts will not cause gas, taking in walnuts with salad and other food with high fibre intake may lead to formation of gas. To avoid the gas production due to nuts you can adopt a method of consuming it. Take a small ounce of nuts (any kind) and then give a break for a couple of days before eating them again. In this way, the fibre intake in your body remains optimum and you can avoid gas formation.

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