What is the Main Cause of Acidity?

What is the Main Cause of Acidity?

Acidity which is also known as acid reflux is a very common health problem. The problem is mainly characterized by burning sensation in the lower chest region, which is caused due to constant flow of stomach acid back in to the food pipe. People suffering from acidity for more than two times a week are often diagnosed with GERD i.e. Gastroesophageal reflux disease. Let us take a look on some of the main causes of acidity.

What is the Main Cause of Acidity?

  1. Stress

    Research has revealed that people who take a lot of stress are more prone to suffer from acidity. This is because stress disturbs the ph level of the body leading to acidity.

  2. Alcohol

    Liquor, beer and wine are some of the alcohol varieties that are known to contribute in acidity. Intake of alcohol relaxes the valve of esophagus, which ultimately leads to reflux or acidity. People who enjoy alcohol should limit themselves to only one glass or one peg a day that too without adding any citric solutions like juices or sodas.

  3. Chocolate

    Chocolate is a food item that causes more acidity compared to other food items. The reason behind this is that chocolate contains caffeine, coco and is also high in fat, all these stimulates increased secretion of the obromine which leads to acidity. Experts say that, dark chocolates comparatively less harmful as compared to the milk chocolates.

  4. Aerated Drinks

    Soda and aerated drinks are high in liquid carbon dioxide causes acidity in the body. This happens because bubbles in aerated drinks expands when enter inside the stomach which leads to acidity. Aerated drinks that contain caffeine are more harmful compared to that one that does not contain caffeine. Experts suggest that people who suffer from acidity should completely avoid sodas and carbonated drinks.

  5. Fried or Oily Food

    Deep fried food items or food having huge amount of oil also causes heartburn. Excess oil present in food mixes with the acid present in stomach and leads to acidity or acid reflux.

  6. Carbohydrate Malabsorption

    As per Norm Robillard, a well-known microbiologist low acid level in stomach leads to excess growth of bacteria and carbohydrate malabsorption this apply more pressure on the walls of stomach causes acid reflux or acidity. Acid presents in stomach helps in preventing or restricting the growth of bacteria, so when the level of acid goes down then bacterial growth starts to accelerates at a faster pace.

    When appropriate amount of acid is present in the stomach then all the carbohydrates taken evenly breaks down in to simple glucose. This glucose is easily absorbed in the body. However, when there is less acid present in the stomach then carbohydrates components are not properly broken in to glucose, hence, whole of the carbohydrates are not absorbed in the body. The leftover carbohydrates components get accumulated and start to ferment by intestinal microbes.

  7. Yeast

    Medical conditions in which there is excess growth of yeast in the small intestine causes acidity. Factors that contribute to yeast growth are intake of excess processed food items, obesity, excess stress, excess intake of antibiotics and so on.

  8. H Pylori Infection

    Not all but some people strongly believe that Helicobacter pylori is an infection that can cause acidity or acid reflux. Doctors prescribe blood or breathing test for detecting this problem. The problem becomes even worst when antibiotics are taken to cope up with this problem.

    All the above mentioned causes triggers or stimulates production of acidity or acid reflux in the body. Hence, people who face the problem of acidity should either completely avoid the above causes or should at least minimize the intake of food items causing acidity or acid reflux.

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