Do’s and Don’ts To Get Rid of Dandruff

Dandruff can be a very embarrassing issue for anyone, particularly more when it falls on your shoulders and shows up on your colored clothes. However, various treatment options are available for dandruff with medical advice, while certain dos and don’ts for dandruff are equally helpful to get rid of dandruff.

Dandruff is basically dead skin cells falling from the scalp in form of visible flakes. It is caused by dehydration and infection in the scalp. Dandruff can make the scalp itchy and dry and lead to hair breakage, thinning and fall.

Do’s and Don'ts To Get Rid of Dandruff

Do’s and Don’ts to Get Rid of Dandruff

Dealing with the problem of dandruff can be a daunting task. Get rid of this issue by following the simple do’s and don’ts for dandruff mentioned in the following piece of read.

Dos For Dandruff

Here are some of the dos for dandruff that must be known.

Use the Right Shampoo

Using the right shampoo is the key for people who are affected with dandruff. This is one of the most important dos to get rid of dandruff. Use shampoos which are specifically manufactured to get rid of dandruff. These products should be sulfur or tar based, or should contain ketoconazole, salicylic acid, selenium sulphide or zinc pyrithione, as these ingredients help to reduce itching of the scalp, rehydrate it and control flakes.

Shampoo Frequently and Properly

Frequent shampooing with the right shampoo helps to eliminate the flakes and prevent dandruff from getting worse. It is best to use anti-dandruff shampoo regularly and as advised by your physician or in the product usage details, to get rid of this dandruff problem, effectively. Ones suffering from dandruff should apply shampoo on their scalp and hair, and leave it on for at least five minutes. This is necessary since dandruff shampoos require time to penetrate in the scalp to help eliminate the dandruff. Knowing the correct way of using anti-dandruff shampoo is one of the necessary dos for dandruff.

Try Home Remedies

One of the essential dos for dandruff is using home remedies to get rid of these flakes. You can:

Combine together equal quantities of water and apple cider in a bottle attached with a spray. Squirt this solution on the scalp. Wrap the head with a dry towel and let the solution remain there for about 20 minutes. Rinse the hair with water. The acid in the vinegar helps to rebalance the pH level of the scalp, and prevent dandruff formation. By doing this twice a week, you can easily keep dandruff at bay.

Use exfoliants, like salt or baking soda, to scrub their scalp in the shower before shampooing. This helps to loosen flakes on the scalp and can be used as one of the dos to get rid of dandruff. You can also add a few drops of tea tree oil to the dandruff shampoo to help treat dandruff more effectively.

You can also moisturize the scalp with olive-oil. This is basically used as a bedtime treatment. Just apply around 15 drops of olive oil on to the scalp, massage it with their fingertips, and then keep your head covered with a shower cap until washing the hair as usual on the following day. You can also mix equal portions of castor and olive oil for more effective treatment. This is so because castor oil is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent which and when it is added to olive oil it adds more moisture to the scalp and helps eliminate flakes. This too is an important tip in the dos to get rid of dandruff.

Rub aloe vera gel onto the scalp, wait for 15 minutes, and then rinse it away with water to relive dandruff problem. This is one of the most popular natural remedies and dos for dandruff.

Follow Right Dietary and Lifestyle Habits

Hair care is not just a cosmetic issue, but also needs adequate dietary intake and a healthy. To keep flakes at bay, along with protecting the scalp on the outside, you would also need to treat yourself from within. Hence, one of the important dos for dandruff also includes following a healthy lifestyle and having a balanced diet. Try to keep your stress levels down, ensure that you get enough of sleep every night, drink plenty of water and eat a healthy protein-rich diet.

Visit a Doctor

If you have already tried numerous shampoos, home remedies and even after diligently practicing a hair-care regime but are still troubled by flaky dandruff, you should consult a doctor. You may require a prescription-strength shampoo or a topical treatment for their scalp to completely get rid of the dandruff. This is one of the important dos for dandruff, also because, if dryness is a concern, other medical problems and treatments may also have to be considered.

Don’ts For Dandruff

Here are some of the don’ts for dandruff.

Don’t Wash Hair With Hot Water

Do not use hot water to wash your hair after applying shampoo. Make sure you follow this one of the most important don’ts in your efforts to get rid of dandruff. Hot water dries the skin and aggravates the dandruff problem. Use lukewarm to cool water to rinse away the shampoo.

Don’t Use the Same Shampoo Constantly

Once the dandruff problem starts lessening, it is best to use the specific shampoo only twice a week. Dandruff shampoos tend to become ineffective over time as the scalp becomes resistant to its ingredients. So, people should switch shampoos frequently. The new shampoo should always contain a different active ingredient to ensure its effectiveness.

Don’t Overuse Hair-Styling Products

Using products like gel, hairspray, hair gel and styling spray, can actually lead to worsening of dandruff. The residue from these hair-styling products tends to accumulate in the hair and on the scalp, making them oilier. The dandruff ends up sticking to the oils on the scalp and aggravates the problem further. As one of the essential don’ts to get rid of dandruff, it is best to avoid using these styling products, at least until you get rid of dandruff.

Avoid Eating Unhealthy

If you are suffering from dandruff, you should not over-indulge in alcohol, sodas, junk foods and fried foods. This too is one of the most important don’ts for dandruff. You should rather eat nutritious and healthy food to control dandruff successfully and keep your tresses and body in perfect shape.

Don’t Stay Under The Sun For Long

Like they affect the skin on the body, harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun negatively impact the scalp too. It dehydrates the scalp and the hair, so continuous exposure to sun can aggravate the problem. Hence, as a part of don’ts for dandruff, avoid over exposure of the scalp to the sun. Try limiting the duration for which you stay under the sun during peak hours, i.e. from late morning to early afternoon. You can also wear a scarf or a hat to protect your scalp and to prevent dandruff.

By practicing the above mentioned dos and don’ts for dandruff, you can control this uncomfortable and embarrassing problem effectively and also get rid of it.

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