What is Nummular Headache?

Nummular Headache is an extremely rare kind of headache disorder in which the affected individual experiences headache in a circular or elliptical region in the head. It basically encompasses both the front and back part of the head. The average diameter of the circle or eclipse in which the headache occurs ranges from 3-6 cm in diameter.

The pain experienced in Nummular Headache ranges from mild to moderate severity. It is usually chronic in nature and is continuous. There may also be a piercing quality to it also. In some cases Nummular Headache comes and then goes for a few months only to return again.

Additionally, the affected individual may experience tingling, hypersensitivity to touch in the area of the pain in Nummular Headache. It should be noted that the pain in Nummular Headache occurs at one particular location only and the location does not change even after the pain returns after a gap of a few months. In some cases, migraines are also associated with Nummular Headache.

What is Nummular Headache?

What are the Causes of Nummular Headache?

Researchers are of the opinion that most of the cases of Nummular Headache are caused due to an injury to the trigeminal nerve. The trigeminal nerve can get injured as a result of a dental procedure like a root canal or extraction of teeth. This is perhaps the most common cause of Nummular Headache.

What are the Symptoms of Nummular Headache?

The classic presenting feature of a Nummular Headache is pain in the head that occurs in a circular or elliptical fashion and is fairly localized meaning that it occurs at the same location every time an individual has a bout of Nummular Headache.

This headache sometimes may be associated with tingling and hypersensitivity to touch in the region of the pain. Apart from this, there are no other symptoms associated with Nummular Headache.

How is Nummular Headache Treated?

Coming to the treatment of Nummular Headache, as of now is no particular treatment specifically designed for Nummular Headache. The main reason behind this is the rarity of the condition and there are not many patients with Nummular Headache who come for treatment.

Thus, reassurance is the main form of treatment given to patients with Nummular Headache. If it is detected that the trigeminal nerve is injured then treatment of the trigeminal nerve injury may help treat Nummular Headache as well.

In some cases medications like acetaminophen or opiates have found to be effective in treating Nummular Headache while in some cases antidepressants have been successfully tried to treat Nummular Headache.

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