A Guide on Early Symptoms of Mono: Signs of Mononucleosis in Adults and Toddlers
Early mono, also referred to as infectious mononucleosis and glandular fever, this is a disease, caused by Epstein-Barr virus or EBV. Know how to recognize early symptoms of mono in toddlers and adults.
Acute Fever: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments, Diagnosis
Acute Fever is a sudden increase in the temperature of the body and it is a symptom of an underlying medical condition and not a disease. Acute fever can develop in anyone, but it is more common in infants. Acute fever in adults can be transient and can subside without any complications. Know the causes, symptoms, treatment of acute fever.
Avian Flu: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention
Avian Flu or what is commonly known as bird flu is a very common infection that affects hundreds of people each year in a particular season. Human-to-human transmission of the Avian Flu virus is rare. Avian Flu can be treated very effectively, but if neglected it could lead to death.
Botulism: Types, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Pathophysiology, Prevention
Botulism, which is an acute neurologic disorder can cause life-threatening neuroparalysis and needs to be treated well for potential survival. Know the types, causes, symptoms, treatment, prevention, pathophysiology of Botulism.
Brucellosis In Humans: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment
The symptoms of Brucellosis observed in humans are fever, lethargy, and severe joint pains. It is successfully treated by using appropriate antibiotics. The treatment process lasts for months, although it may relapse.
Can Honey Cause Botulism in Infants?
Consumption of honey, dust and soil containing the Clostridium botulinum bacteria is the most common cause of infant botulism. Since honey is added to a lot of other foods, all those foods can potentially cause botulism in infant.
Candida Albicans: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment
Candida Albicans is known as thrush when it grows in mouth and Vaginalitis Moniliasis or Yeast Infection when it grows in the vagina. Symptoms depend on where the fungus grows. It can be treated at home with OTC medications.
Chagas Disease Or Kissing Bug Disease: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prognosis
Chagas Disease or Kissing Bug Disease is also known as American Trypanosomiasis. Best treatment is by killing the parasite causing the disease by antiparasitic medications namely Ragonil and Lampit.
Chlamydia Trachomatis: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, How Does it Spread, Prevention
Chlamydia Trachomatis is a common sexually transmitted disease and infection found in both men and women without manifesting any clear signs and symptoms. Learn about Symptoms of Chlamydia Trachomatis in men and women, how does it spread, its treatment and the health risks of untreated Chlamydia Trachomatis.
Clinical Manifestation of Adenovirus & Diseases Caused by Adenovirus Infection & its Treatment
Adenovirus is classified as Non-enveloped Ds-DNA virus. The virus contains double stranded DNA genetic amino acid chain. The viral infection is also known as common cold. Learn about eh clinical manifestation of adenovirus, diseases caused by adenovirus infection, its symptoms and treatment.
Clinical Manifestation of Orthomyxovirus or Influenza & Its Symptoms, Treatment, Transmission
The clinical symptoms of orthomyxovirus or Influenza are rarely seen in infants. The symptoms of influenza are most common in toddler and young children. The orthomyxovirus or Influenza virus mostly affects upper respiratory tract infection and rarely in few cases gastrointestinal system. Know the clinical manifestation, transmission, symptoms, treatment of orthomyxovirus or Influenza.
Coccidiosis in Humans: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prognosis, Pathophysiology
Coccidiosis in humans is characterized by intestinal infection associated with severe diarrhoea. Coccidiosis can affect humans at any age, however, the severity is worse when it affects infants due to reduced immunity. Know the causes, symptoms, treatment, pathophysiology, prognosis, epidemiology of Coccidiosis in humans.
Cold in Babies: Major Causes, Signs, Symptoms
Cold in babies is caused by the infection to the upper part of the respiratory system. Coronavirus and rhinovirus are the primary agents spreading infection. Know why does my baby get so many colds, its causes, symptoms, signs, and how to tell if my baby has a cold and not flu or some other condition, or allergies?
Cold in Babies: Risk Factors, Complications, Treatment, Lifestyle Changes
Babies are prone to cold infection because of their amateur and still developing immune system. Learn about the risk factors for cold in babies, complications, treatment options, and lifestyle changes required for cold in babies.
Common Cold Vs Flu: Differences Worth Knowing
Learn about the differences between the common cold and Flu based on their symptoms, complication, treatments, preventions etc. Sometimes symptoms of common cold and flu may overlap with each other and you may find it hard to know what exactly you are suffering from. Well! There are some differences worth knowing between common cold and flu.

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