Can Chlamydia be Spread by Kissing?

Shockingly, Chlamydia is a standout amongst the frequently sexually transmitted illnesses. Since as a rule it does not show any manifestations, and individuals do not know they have it. Chlamydia is actually one of those diseases, which has very mild sort of symptoms and it is pretty hard to be diagnosed. So, it can without much of a stretch go starting with one accomplice then onto the next until the point that it really makes a mockery of its face and till the point where the result starts moving towards becoming nasty. An amazing number of 75% of women contaminated with Chlamydia and around half of men never hint at any disease. The fact is that it does not seems so threatening at the moment. No one can deny the transferring ability of this disease and with the pace it is transferring, it is creating tension in almost every mind and alarming them just to be careful enough and start thinking and bothering about the symptoms it possesses.

Ways You May Get Chlamydia

Chlamydia is usually spread during sexual contact with someone who has the infection or the one who is already suffering from such disease. It can happen even if any contaminated person cums and that liquid gets in contact with another person. The prime ways that get people affected by Chlamydia are usually vaginal sex and anal sex, but oral sex is no exception as well. So, being engaged in any kind of sexual act without having any sort of protection enables the risk to get affected and suffer with this disease.

In rare cases, one can get Chlamydia by touching eye with infected fluids on one’s hand. Chlamydia can also be spread to a baby during birth if the mother has it. So, the ability of transferring of this disease is pretty high and that creates a lot of danger for not only the people who are already suffering, but also for those who normally get engaged in sexual activities with numerous people. However, it must be noticed that this diseases is not spread while having casual contact, which is sharing food or drinks, hugging, holding hands, coughing, sneezing, or sitting on the toilet.

Can Chlamydia be Spread by Kissing?

Can Chlamydia be Spread by Kissing?

Chlamydia cannot be spread through kissing. As it is majorly a sexually transmitted disease (STD), so someone has to be engaged in some kind of sexual activity such as penetration or transfer of white cloudy fluids to get infected with this disease. However, those who do sex more often have a major chance to be engaged with such problematic situation. Chlamydia is spread through vaginal, anal, and oral sex. The infection is carried in semen (cum), pre-cum, and vaginal fluids. Chlamydia can infect the penis, vagina, cervix, anus, urethra, eyes, and throat. In short all of its problems arise due to unprotected sex and all these problems create certain harm to the sexual parts and the reproductive system of the person. Most people with Chlamydia do not have any symptoms and feel totally fine, they just do not bother putting any attention over the symptoms of Chlamydia and most of the times they might not even know they are infected. However, as far as kissing is concerned, people are safe in a way that Chlamydia cannot be transferred through it.


There is a general misconception that Chlamydia transfers through kissing as well; this misconception keeps on arising in a similar way as Chlamydia is spreading day by day. During the recent times, it has been seen that Chlamydia did spread like a color in water or you can say that it is spreading like a fragrance in the vacant area. It should be noted that the misconceptions should be avoided and the focus should be generated towards the key elements, so one should worry about the major ways to get Chlamydia and use precautionary measures to avoid it.

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