Can a Man Get Chlamydia From A Woman?

Chlamydia is one the most commonly transmitted sexual disease. The facts and figures can throw light over it and can further elaborate that how much is this disease is common or in way to become common. If we find out the numbers, according to CDC approximately 2.86 million Chlamydia infections reported annually. This fact and figures make it the most commonly transmitted disease in US. Many individuals are not aware that they have Chlamydia, because it is considered a “silent” STD, meaning that its signs are usually mild, this trait of Chlamydia can simply take a person to the dark and make him ends up nowhere. Having such mild and not easily diagnosable symptoms make this disease quite dangerous.

As it is hard to be recognized, so it creates a doubt in every mind or usually in most cases due to the lack of awareness, the people just do not take its symptoms to be serious or they do not bother worrying about it. They just feel that things are just going normal and no worries exist in this regard, which is just quite opposite if we consider the reality.

Chlamydia as STD

It is pretty dangerous in many regards as the people who do sex more often are more likely to have this disease and they are openly flirting with danger to have this problem in anywhere near to their coming years. It puts in a doubted situation in almost every mind and alarms every personality to have a protected and well cautioned sex to avoid any further problems that can truly and simply create a destructive affect regarding the future of the person. As Chlamydia finds a way to be transferred through sex, which is its most proficient way of spreading, so Chlamydia can create a dreadful situation for a person in relation to their sexual life.

Can a Man Get Chlamydia From A Woman?

Can a Man Get Chlamydia From A Woman?

The statement that says that ‘Chlamydia is one the most commonly transmitted sexual disease’ actually elaborates and clarifies the doubts pretty well. It is definitely transferable from a man to a woman or woman to a man. In fact, it is the most common way of the transfer of this disease from one entity to another. It is transferable through any kind of sexual activities such oral, anal, vaginal etc. Sexually dynamic high school girls and young ladies are more defenseless to contracting contamination, including Chlamydia, in light of the fact that their cervixes (uterus opening) have not completely developed. Grown-up men and ladies who participate in unprotected sex are likewise inclined to the microbes. A man who has sex with number of girls has a most probability to have a sex with a contaminated person in any way and can simply get affected through it one way or the other. A Chlamydia disease can likewise be passed from mother to newborn child amid vaginal labor. So, it can be another way of transferability of this disease from a woman to a man.


As it is pretty clear that a man can get this disease from a woman in one way or the other, so it is better to avoid such situations, which include having sex with numerous people, having unprotected sex or being engaged in some kind of oral or anal activity. A moment spent it prevention is actually far better than the days spent in the treatment of this disease. One must spend their time in taking set of precautions just to avoid further issues when things tend to go on further bad to worse. People ignore few of the major concerns about life and regret on what they have done. So, with the growing awareness about the disease and precautionary measures, it seems pretty important to prevent yourself from the word go and avoid those situations that can create a lot of problems in future.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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