Can You Create Your Own Sexually Transmitted Disease?

Can You Create Your Own Sexually Transmitted Disease?

Sexually transmitted diseases are those which spread through sexual, vertical, oral mode of transmission. There are various organisms responsible for causing the diseases like Treponema pallidum (Syphilis), Chlamydia trachomatis (Trachoma), and Klebsiella (Donovanosis).

Can You Create Your Own Sexually Transmitted Disease?

No, one cannot create their own sexually transmitted disease because to create a disease one should have a disease. If one gets a disease surely that person can spread the disease. Creating a disease as such is not possible until and unless one gets involved in activities, which can lead to sexually transmitted disease. The activities which can cause a sexually transmitted disease to spread include-

Performing Sexual Activities With Multiple Partners- Indulging in businesses like prostitution which is considered an easy way of earning among the people of lower socioeconomic status. People usually get involved in such activities so as to make a good amount of money with ease or for some this is the only means to earn a living.

If a Person Implicates in a Bad Company Which Are Usually Involved in Activities like Drug Abuse- IV drug users who share syringes among themselves are considered to transfer the disease with one another.

Skin to Skin Contact Can Also Cause The Spread Of The Disease- Herpes which usually spread through skin contact like coming in intimate contact with the one who is having the disease.

Creating your sexually transmitted disease is not possible until and unless one is indulged in all such activities. One can surely get the disease if their partner is having sexually transmitted disease, thus it has been suggested that women should get a pap smear done before initiation of sexual activities and similar routine check-up once in two years.

The sexually transmitted disease can also be transmitted to the child through vaginal delivery. Therefore, one should get her vaginal canal treated before the delivery as the chances of Gonorrhea infection increases in the baby causing ophthalmia neonatorum. Thus, women should take few precautions before the delivery so as to prevent the transmission to the new-born child.

The most important step one should take is that they should get himself or herself treated without thinking about the social hoodoo adhered to the illness. If one is hideous about the disease then surely they may act as a reservoir of infection to propagate the disease to multiple people. One should stop considering sexually transmitted disease as shameful, it is quite normal to get exposed to the disease. One can get the disease if he/she is immunocompromised.

Repeated transfusions of blood may also result in transmission of disease. So, patients of thalassemia are more prone to suffer from the disease.

Not using contraceptives like condoms while performing intercourse as condoms prevent transmission of sexually transmitted disease.

Humans are solely responsible for creating diseases for themselves. The way a person lives, lack of awareness, ignorance, etc., all these factors play a role in the development of diseases.

Ignorance is the greatest enemy of mankind. The only way to safeguard ourselves from being infected is through sex education. Educate all the adults, teenagers and adolescents regarding the sex. This is really very important.

One needs to take following measures to prevent the disease-

Monogamy: Restrict themselves to their partner (Monogamy should be followed). One should not sexually indulge with multiple partners.

Rehab: IV drug users should be sent to rehabilitation centers, so that they get rid of drugs and acquire a healthy lifestyle afterwards.

Safety: Use of condoms while having sex with an unknown person will reduce the chance of transmission of disease. Thus, the sex education should be promoted in each schools and colleges. Stop feeling shy about it. Elders need to teach their children about sex education. It is the high time to think about such programs.

Blood Transfusion: Blood transfusion facilities should be thoroughly monitored. Before every transfusion donor blood should be tested for HIV and other diseases then only one is eligible to donate the blood.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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