Harmful Effects of Chlamydia If Not Treated?

Any disease can take you to drastically poor situation if left untreated. It happens that people take less care of health and just do not put that much of a focus on the symptoms. After sometime they realize the importance of noticing the symptoms and come to know that if they had put a little bit effort in controlling the disease from the very beginning, it could have saved a lot within them including their health and resources. It then comes down to a line that it is no good crying over spilt milk. So, putting a little effort in curing the disease at the time it is diagnosed is far better than crying later on and having various regrets.

Chlamydia is one of those diseases which have the symptoms that most of the people consider to be normal and do not put much of the focus on it. As In case of men, it’s symptoms include the leakage of white, cloudy liquid from the tip of the penis and a burning, painful sensation while urination. Both of these things are similar to the symptoms of many other diseases, which include the minute ones as well. So, the people usually do not get a first thought in the mind as it can be a Chlamydia. Most of the men just consider it to be a normal effect due to any other reason. Similar case happens in women as well. They also get similar sort of thinking in their minds and do not bother much.

Harmful Effects of Chlamydia If Not Treated?

Harmful Effects of Chlamydia If Not Treated?

The lack of awareness or probably the negligence in attention towards these symptoms can take a person at really a dark stage that can destroy their goals of having desired number of children in future. It can really take a person to nowhere with their sexual desires. If left untreated Chlamydia can bring infertility since it can make harm both male and female reproductive system. The infections of chlamydia in women can spread to the womb and fallopian tubes and can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease which can cause several of the problems. It can also lead toward the ectopic pregnancies, which are not a desired sort of result that anyone desires or want to have. An ectopic pregnancy occurs, when the egg implants outside the womb which results as an unviable pregnancy.

The majority of ectopic pregnancies result in miscarriage. Another dreadful effect of having this pregnancy is that once a woman has this sort of case is more likely to have another one of same kind, which means it is not a problem of short run case. Once this problem initiates, the after effects are more dreadful if it is left untreated. If we get the numbers out for this problem, we will come to know that 1 in 5 patients have a possibility to have a second ectopic pregnancy, and about 1 in 3 will not become pregnant. These numbers throw light on the long-term effects of having Chlamydia if not cured properly. Another bad thing is that this problem or this disease does not stick to one person only, its transferable from one person to another which means that the people who have sex with multiple persons are flirting majorly with this danger of having Chlamydia.


As few of the major symptoms have been discussed above and getting the results after putting the negligence into play. So, one should start to worry a little to get things on right track which can save them from the future problems. Once these symptoms have been neglected or considered as normal, the problems keep on arising in long run which can create dreadful future effects. So, the one should worry at the time when it matters the most just to eliminate the after effects which arise due to negligence.

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