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Brief Overview on Mumps!

Mumps is a contagious viral disease that typically causes painful swelling of the salivary (parotid) glands, face and neck, making it difficult for the patient to eat or speak. General symptoms of mumps are low fever, headache, vomiting, loss of appetite and fatigue. Mumps was a very prevalent childhood infection until its vaccine became commonly available. When contracted in teenage or adulthood, Mumps infection becomes way more serious and complicated. Males can experience orchitis or swelling and pain in the testicles while the ovaries in females can get affected. If these problems are not treated in time, they may result in infertility.

How Long Does Mumps Last?

How Long Does Mumps Last?

The mumps virus quietly multiplies for 12 to 25 days before symptoms show up. Swelling in the salivary gland appears within hours or develops gradually over many days. The symptoms and swelling associated with mumps usually decreases and disappears in another 3 to 7 days. In case of severe mumps, the complications generally develop much later. For example, the ovarian or testicular symptoms show up in about a week post parotitis, and lasts for around 4 days. Encephalitis or meningitis generally arrives about 10 days after the parotitis. A person normally gets mumps only once in life, but in certain cases one can get affected for a second time.

Home Remedies for Mumps

Mumps treatments generally aim at relieving the symptoms. The fever and pain can be alleviated with anti-inflammatory medicines. Certain effective and safe home remedies have also proven very helpful in easing the symptoms of mumps. Some of these remedies are:

Chebulic Myrobalan: The anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory properties of the herb called Ink fruit or Chebulic Myrobalan can help to effectively relieve the pain caused by mumps. By applying a thick paste made of this herb powder and water on the swollen area, one can ease the pain and discomfort naturally.

Sacred Fig or Peepal Leaves: By applying peepal leaves smeared with oil or ghee and warmed over fire, on the inflamed region and letting it stay for half-an-hour, one can ease the swelling and pain. This home remedy for mumps should be repeated twice daily for best results.

Banyan Leaves: Like peepal leaves, banyan leaves can also be a useful home remedy for Mumps. Banyan leaves can also be smeared with ghee or oil, warmed on fire, bandaged on the swollen region and left overnight for relieving the mumps related pain and infection.

Indian Aloe: This herb is packed with potent antibiotic properties, which makes it an effective home remedy for treating mumps related inflammation and pain. These leaves should be peeled from one side, sprinkled with some turmeric and then bandaged around the swollen area to relieve the pain.

Asparagus: By applying a paste made by mixing equal quantities of ground fenugreek and asparagus seeds on the swollen area, one can get considerable relief from mumps infection naturally.

Ginger: Its powerful anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties make ginger an excellent home remedy for mumps. By applying a paste made of dried and powdered ginger roots on the affected areas, one can relieve the inflammation and pain instantly. Ginger can also be included in the regular diet and consumed orally for similar results.

Black Pepper: For relieving the pain and swelling associated with mumps in a short time, a paste made of powdered black pepper and water must be applied on the affected areas.

Fenugreek Seeds: Fenugreek seeds display excellent anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties and hence is a useful home remedy for many ailments. By applying a paste made of dry and powdered fenugreek seeds in water over the affected region, one can relieve the pain associate with Mumps effectively. Powdered fenugreek can also be consumed many times a day to get better results.

Margosa Leaves: A paste made of turmeric and margosa leaves should be applied on the infected or swollen regions for treating mumps effectively at home.

Garlic: Applying crushed garlic cloves over the affected parts can help in relieving mumps pain instantly in a natural way.

Hot Water: Consuming a few glasses of warm water each day can help relieve the mumps pain and swelling in a natural, simple and effective way.

Hot Fomentation: By applying hot fomentation on the affected parts at least thrice a day, one can get quick relief from mumps. This home remedy of hot fomentation for mumps should followed by cold fomentation for best results.

Pineapple and Carrot Juice: Generous intake of carrot juice mixed with pineapple and grape juice can effectively treat mumps.

Healthy Diet: Drinking lots of water and consuming a balanced, healthy and nutritious diet containing loads of fruits and vegetables is essential for managing mumps. Since it is difficult to eat and swallow solid food in the initial phase of infection, the patients are advised to stay on a liquid or juice diet during this period. They are recommended to have diluted orange juice several times a day as orange is a storehouse of essential minerals which can treat mumps naturally. When on juice diet, warm water enema should be taken every day and acidic foods should be avoided. Once the swelling decreases and the patients are able to swallow food, they can shift to an all fruits diet for a day or 2. Later on, they can start taking a natural food diet rich in fruits and raw vegetables.

How Can Mumps Be Prevented?

There is no known cure for mumps, but one can surely protect themselves from this infection by getting vaccinated against this illness. Taking an MMR vaccine can help to effectively keep mumps at bay. The mumps virus generally spreads through saliva and mucus from the throat and nose of infected individuals. When around a mumps patient, a healthy individual should try to avoid these through proper hygiene. In case one suspects to have mumps symptoms, they must seek medical attention immediately.

By maintaining good hygiene, taking a healthy diet and getting vaccinated against mumps on time, one can prevent and treat this illness effectively.

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