Measles: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Home & Natural Remedies

What Is Measles?

Measles is viral infection that occurs in children. It is also called rubella. At one time, this was quite common infection in children, but now with advancement of medicine there is a vaccination available to protect a child from Measles. The common symptoms of measles are persistent cough, runny nose, eye inflammation, sore throat, fever and a red rash in the skin. This disease is relatively serious in small children who are not vaccinated. In the United States, this condition is not that common as a result of increased awareness among parents to get their child vaccinated against this disease.

What Are The Causes Of Measles?

Measles is a viral infection which replicates in nose and throat of the infected child. Measles is contagious and if an infected child coughs or sneezes, the infected droplets spread in the air and may infect the person close to the child. The infected droplets that are present on some surface remain active for several hours and may infect a person who comes in contact with them. One can contract the virus by putting the finger in mouth or rubbing the eyes after coming in contact with the infected surface.

What Are The Symptoms Of Measles?

Some Of The Symptoms Of Measles Include:

  • Fever
  • Nonproductive cough
  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Red skin rash.

Symptoms Of Measles

How Is Measles Diagnosed?

The hallmark feature of a rash on the skin along with the clinical symptoms experienced by the child gives a good enough indication to the physician about the diagnosis of measles. Apart from this, a blood test will be done which will confirm the presence of the virus causing measles and hence confirming the diagnosis.

What Are The Treatments For Measles?

There is no clear cut treatment to cure a current measles infection; however, prevention is available to protect individuals from getting Measles who have been exposed to the offending virus in some form or the other.

Vaccination After Exposure To Measles: Infants and individuals who have not been immunized against the virus causing measles may be given the vaccination within three days of being exposed to the virus in order to avoid contracting the disease. If the child or the individual still develops the disease then it will be of a milder form and will not last for a very long time.

Immune Serum Globulin: Females who are pregnant, infants and individuals with a compromised immune system who get exposed to the virus may be given antibodies called immune serum globulin, which can be given within six days of exposure which prevents progression of the disease and even if the individual still develops Measles, the symptoms are very mild.

Apart from this, certain medications may also be given like antipyretics to reduce fevers like Tylenol, Motrin etc. Aspirin can also be given but usually it is not given to people who are recovering from chickenpox or flu.

Antibiotics: If there is development of a bacterial infection during measles then an antibiotic may be prescribed

Vitamin A Supplements: Individuals with vitamin A deficiency are prone to develop acute cases of Measles hence supplementing vitamin A is also beneficial to cut down the severity of the disease.

What Are The Home & Natural Remedies For Measles?

Some Of The Home Measures Suggested For Individuals With Measles Are:

  • Get adequate rest
  • Consume adequate amount of water or fluids.
  • Using a humidifier for cough relief is helpful.
  • Give adequate rest to the eyes.

Natural Remedies For Measles

Below mentioned are some natural remedies from things that are easily accessible in the market and are shown to be very helpful for people with measles:

  • Tamarind Seeds and Turmeric: They are extremely effective in curing measles. One needs to mix equal proportions of powdered tamarind seeds and turmeric powder and should be given about three times a day to the affected individual.
  • Margosa Leaves: This contains antiviral as well as antiseptic properties and has shown to be extremely effective in treating measles. Margosa leaves are added in hot bathing water. This helps in relieving itching which comes along with rashes. Best results are shown when the patient is completely immersed in the water for at least 20 minutes.
  • Garlic: This is also quite effective for treating measles. The cloves of garlic are powdered and mixed with honey and taken on a daily basis.
  • Lemon Juice: This is also a very effective way for treating measles. At least one glass of lemon juice should be taken a day.
  • Bitter Gourd Leaves and Turmeric Root: Powdered turmeric roots mixed with honey and added with bitter gourd juice is an effective way of treating measles.
  • Coconut: Coconut water contains nutrients which help in eliminating any toxic elements present in the body.
  • Indian Gooseberry: Powdered Indian Gooseberry mixed with water is extremely effective for itching and burning sensation.
  • Barley: Barley water is also very effective in curing cough which comes along with measles.
  • Orange Juice: This is an excellent treatment measure for measles. The affected individual may have loss of appetite due to the disease and this is where Orange Juice is very helpful.

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