What Should I Eat When I am Suffering from Malaria?

Malaria which earlier was considered a chronic disease presently is not considered as a major health problem. Due to advancement in medications and early diagnostic facilities treatment has become really easy. Gone are the days when people used to restrict themselves from eating various stuffs while they are ill. These days malaria is diagnosed within a day and the best part is within 2 days almost person get relieves from the disease. But if a person is sick, then they should take care of his dietary intake. There is nothing specific to be taken care of. It requires basic care. Healthy food and fluid intake is important.

What Should I Eat When I am Suffering from Malaria?

What Should I Eat When I am Suffering from Malaria?

While one is suffering from malaria one should consume a good amount of fluids so as to keep one self hydrated. Usually medications which are consumed are responsible for causing hypoglycemia, thus one should intake good amount of glucose in his diet so as to prevent adverse reactions due to hypoglycemia. And it is recommended that few medications requires fatty meal for enhancing their absorption, so basically the motive is to enhance absorption of drugs, thus one should fulfill the requirements for absorption what is needed.

Vitamins should be included in diet such as vitamin C and vitamin B complex to maintain proper homeostasis. B complex is needed for mitochondrial function. During the stage of sickness body needs a little more energy and so as to provide that energy mitochondria has to work effectively and these complexes, which are cofactors for various enzymes of mitochondrial cycle are needed in sufficient amount. Generally, it is seen that doctor prescribed vitamin supplements whenever one is tired and lethargic and the basic reason for those supplementation is that the body requirements are increased. So as to keep pace with those requirements additional supplement are needed. Besides this fruits juices are needed for maintaining hydration. Hydration is important for early recovery. Dehydration causing sequestration of RBCs and thus fluid level should be appropriate.

Beverages like tea, coffee should be avoided as patient usually complains of gastritis and acidity while having these things. Dietary modifications are not only specific to malaria. These are generalized. Excessive intake of dietary products should be avoided. These are the conditions when appetite is dramatically reduced, so consumption of junk food should be avoided. One should eat healthy food instead of junk and fried foods, because these do not provides nutrients what are needed by the body. The only way to recover early is proper treatment and proper diet.

Many of us ignore the importance of diet and it is encountered that one who is lacking nutrients requires a lot more time as compared to one who is properly fed. Immunity gets affected when protein consumption is less as antibodies are nothing, but proteins. So, keeping in mind these entire aspects one should strike harder to attain good health. Immunity is directly related to health. If a person is having good immunity there are lesser chances that he will acquire infection.

The end result of good diet is good nutrition. And when there is good nutrition there is good immunity and hence disease state is resolved early. So, if one thinks that only medication will do wonders is absolutely abrupt. Along with medications nutrition in proper amount is needed as well.

And to be precise this is needed in all kinds of diseases. Nutrition has got it importance in every aspect of life. If one consumes good diet from the initial stages of life there are less chances that they will acquire any chronic disease in long run. But, unfortunately most of us neglect our diet due to changing lifestyles. Hurry and worry is mainly responsible for half of the disease which we encountered.

For all the disease there is only one treatment that is health education. Educate everyone regarding health and diet. This will surely reduces the number of cases. Exercise, yoga and diet these are essential for proper life.

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