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Dealing with Elbow Joint Pain? Find the Causes, Treatment, Prevention- Regular Stretching Exercises

Elbow joint is one of the most commonly and frequently used body part.

Dealing with Elbow Joint Pain? Find the Causes, Treatment, Prevention

What Are The Causes of Elbow Joint Pain?

  • People who suffer from pain in their elbows are likely to hear about medical terms like tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow by people around.
  • The other problems related with elbow pain are forearm muscle weakness and elbow joint injuries.
  • Since it is the most constantly used joint, if there is an injury then activities like writing, driving, typing, turning doorknobs, or shaking hands increase the elbow pain. It can be very difficult to control the pain without giving any rest to the elbow joint area.
  • The struggle with elbow pain is very challenging and it can sustain for months or year. Elbow pain is not like an acute lower back or knee problems which weaken you and force you to take rest for a while unless you don’t feel pain.
  • Elbow joint is the easier joint to diagnose the problems than other body part like back, hip, and knee.

It is very important to know how to prevent elbow problems and if you still injure it, then you need to make sure that you address it medically as soon as possible before it becomes chronic. Find an accurate diagnosis of your joint problem before you can start doing the right things to correct it.

It is important to be well informed about the stretches of muscle and strengthening exercises to prevent further joint pain and also to eliminate your pain.

Treatment For Elbow Joint Pain

  • The first basic treatment steps are to reduce any inflammation in your elbow joint or tissues and establish proper joint function. You can apply ice or heat packs and also can use ibuprofen.
  • Ice massage can reduce the inflammation of lateral epicondyle of the elbow. Do gentle massage to your painful area of elbow joint. Once the inflammation is reduced, then perform gentle exercises to maintain your elbow support muscles power. Always start with gentle movement until you have the tolerance to do more.
  • For rehabilitation, add some more strengthening exercises like wrist rotation, extension and flexion, fingers resisted exercises, and pronation and supination of forearm. Exercise all flexion, extension, pronation and supination, and resisted exercises of the arm with appropriate weights or dumbbells.
  • Increase the weight gradually in all the strengthening exercises as the movements become easier without increasing the frequency of exercise.

Watch 3D Video of Elbow Pain, Its Treatment, Exercises:

Prevention of Elbow Joint Pain

  • Use of computer and smart phone put more usage of few forearm muscle and it can produce recurrent stress injuries. When you perform some certain movement over and over again, it leads to the injury like tennis elbow and golfer elbow.
  • The best way to prevent elbow pain is maintain strength, balance and flexibility of your muscles and surrounding structure of elbow by focusing good posture and overall fitness.
  • Your forearm muscles are very important to prevent your elbow pain and injuries. Maintain a good heath of your forearm muscles by performing regular stretching exercises, resisted or strengthening exercises.
  • Do regular stretching exercises for your forearm muscles.


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