What is Chinese Foot Massage Therapy?

Though humans have known the benefits of Chinese foot massage therapy for years now, it has gained more popularity in recent years. Know the amazing benefits of Chinese foot massage therapy and also learn how to give a Chinese foot massage to a person who needs it.


Chinese culture is one of the most ancient cultures which have been extremely advanced in the world of medicine and bodily cures. Being more than thousands of years old, the Chinese culture is renowned for giving the world an array of cures in different ways. Amongst these, the Chinese foot massage is one of the best ways to relax the body and mind. Such a foot massage helps to reduce body pain, decrease stress and offers a plethora of other benefits which are great for the human mind and body. The benefits of Chinese foot massage are many and it has specific way to give massage. During a Chinese foot massage therapy, pressure is applied to specific points on the feet as this therapy believes that the reflexes in our foot are linked to every body part and organ and have the power to heal several health issues. The pressure applied on the foot during massage therapy helps to improve the circulation of blood in the entire body while also promoting comfort to the mind.


What is Chinese Foot Massage Therapy & What are its Health Benefits?


Health Benefits of Chinese Foot Massage Therapy

Here are some of the major health benefits of Chinese foot massage therapy

  • Controls Depression and Stress – One of the greatest health benefits of Chinese foot massage therapy is that it can relieve stress and relax the mind. As depression and stress are the result of an anxious and worried mind; it can result in various health problems. Stress can be considerably controlled with the help of a Chinese foot massage which helps calm the mind and reduce anxiety.
  • Reduces Migraine and Headache – Another important health benefit of Chinese foot massage is controlling migraine and headache. The occurrence of migraines and headaches can be considerably reduced by getting a weekly Chinese foot massage therapy done. Such a therapy calms the mind and the nerves in and around our brain thereby reducing migraines considerably.
  • Reduces Pain Associated With Cancer – The pain and discomfort associated with cancer can be controlled to a large extent with the help of regular Chinese foot massage therapy. One of the major benefits of Chinese foot massage is that it can be given to even those cancer patients who are bed-ridden and cannot move around easily.
  • Eliminates Flat Feet Pain – Being a reflexology type of massage, Chinese foot massage is proved to reduce the pain and discomfort of flat feet. As an important health benefit, this massage can provide immense relief to your feet and eliminate flat feet pain.
  • Lowers Pressure of Blood – The hectic lifestyle that most people lead in today's modern world is one of the major causes of hypertension or high blood pressure. Moreover, wrong eating habits, a sedentary lifestyle and taking on too much stress can all lead to high blood pressure which can also prove fatal in several cases. By reducing the daily stress and strain, a good Chinese foot massage therapy can also help reduce the pressure of blood in your body.
  • Improves Circulation of Blood – By applying pressure at the right areas, Chinese foot massage therapy can improve blood circulation not only in the foot but in the rest of the body as well. The circulation of blood in our feet gets impaired due to a sedentary lifestyle and is also affected by wearing high heels or tight shoes which have a negative effect on your feet. Improved blood circulation can help to improve health and prevent many lifestyle disorders.
  • Controls Symptoms of PMS – Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a group of symptoms which occur in women, mostly during the phase just prior to menstruation. These symptoms include feeling sad, stressed, anxious, depressed and fatigued; all of which can be controlled with the help of a daily 10-minute Chinese foot massage therapy. Relaxation and reduction in pain are the most important benefits of Chinese foot massage therapy. Even a 15 minute Chinese foot massage will help relax your feet and also eliminate pain if any. One of the major benefits of Chinese foot massage therapy is that it can help control diabetes to a certain extent too.

How to Give Chinese Foot Massage Therapy?

Though a Chinese foot massage therapy is best carried out by a masseur who excels in the same, you too can carry out such a massage at home in case your loved one needs it.

Here are the steps on how to give a Chinese foot massage therapy at home:

  • Make the person who needs a foot massage sit on a comfortable chair or sofa.
  • Place a bucket of warm water near the person's feet and dip their feet in the bucket.
  • Add appropriate herbs along with tea powder into the water.
  • Allow the feet to soak in this water for 8 to 10 minutes.
  • As the feet are getting soaked in water, slowly massage and knead the person's back, shoulders and neck.
  • Once done, remove the feet from the water and dry them with a clean towel.
  • To give a Chinese foot massage, ask the person to lie down comfortably and start applying a massage cream or oil on one foot. Apply pressure on the pressure points and also knead and massage the foot to provide complete relief.
  • After you give Chinese foot massage to one foot, work on the other foot in the same manner.
  • Once the foot massage is over, also massage the lower legs and thighs for thorough relaxation.


As you know the benefits of Chinese foot massage and also how to give Chinese foot massage you can surely use it when required. It is one of the best ways to feel relaxed and de-stress yourself and your loved ones in the comfort of your home whenever need be.

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