Can Clear Sperm Get You Pregnant?

The term sperm is almost always considered as semen by most people even in these days. However, a sperm is not the same as semen. While sperm is the liquid that comes out of the penis during ejaculation, sperm is one of the components of that semen. Sperm along with prostate fluid and other fluid together makes the semen. Hence, when people talk about clear sperm, they almost always mean to talk about clear semen.

Can Clear Sperm Get You Pregnant?

Can Clear Sperm Get You Pregnant?

Well yes, clear sperm can get you pregnant. Let us see some more details of the sperm and the semen in order to understand this answer.

What Is White And Clear Sperm?

Clear sperm-

  • Clear sperm is also known as the pre-ejaculate fluid.
  • This refers to the fluid that comes out of a male’s urinary meatus during the foreplay or before the climax.
  • Till date, there is no established evidence as to why clear sperm is seen and in whom. However, there are theories stating that a person who masturbates regularly or ejaculates frequently it results in clear sperm, because the ejaculated fluid will be way thinner and watery compared to when not having ejaculation on a regular basis.
  • The reason for the sperm to be white is that there are millions of sperms present in it.
  • If there is a frequent ejaculation, there cannot be enough sperms in the fluid and hence it looks thin, watery and kind of transparent.
  • However, clear sperm does not mean there is an absence of sperms, there is just a lesser amount of sperms present in the clear sperm.
  • Clear sperm is usually seen in boys who have just reached or crossed puberty. This is because their bodies are just starting to make sperms and there is not enough quantity yet to make it white in color.

White Sperm-

  • White sperm is the ejaculated fluid during the climax
  • This type is usually seen in those people who rarely ejaculate or masturbate
  • This makes the fluid very thick due to the presence of a large number of sperms.
  • White sperm is also very cloudy and viscous in appearance.
  • Such type of fluid will surely contain a considerably large number of sperms as compared to the clear sperm.
  • White sperm may also contain some amounts of clear sperm.

Hence, if clear sperm is considered to be the same as clear semen, then we can say that clear sperm has a lesser quantity of sperms overall, as compared to the white sperm. It is because of the high frequency of ejaculation and it is mostly seen in younger males and those who ejaculate or masturbate frequently

This pretty much explains as to why a clear sperm can get you pregnant. Even though the clear sperm is thin and watery in quality, it still has sperms in it. If this fluid comes into the contact of a female’s vagina, it still can get her pregnant in spite of being so thin and watery. As we all know, just one right sperm is all that is needed to get a woman pregnant. Clear sperm can contain such a sperm too and hence there is every chance of getting pregnant with clear sperm as well

The texture of the semen also depends on certain other factors. A person’s own biological build is definitely responsible for giving his semen its unique taste, smell and texture. The diet, physical activity and nutritional intake all affect the texture of the semen. Habits like smoking and drinking can also affect the texture of the semen.

Can Clear Sperm Get You Pregnant?

Clear sperm is a term often considered the same as clear semen. However, in reality sperm is a component of the semen and semen is the fluid that comes out during ejaculation. Clear sperm, though thinner and watery in nature, contains sperms in it and hence clear sperm can get you pregnant.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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