How Can I Check Male Fertility At Home?

If your partner fails to get pregnant even though she does not have any reproductive problem and both of you want to have a baby, it is essential for you to undergo with male fertility test. Now, the question that strikes in the mind is that whether a male can check his fertility at home. The answer is yes, you may check your fertility based on sperm count, as we have discussed about it in detail with the help of our article.

How Can I Check Male Fertility At Home?

How Can I Check Male Fertility At Home?

A home-based sperm count check test can help in this situation. As the name highlights, home-based sperm count check test is an easily usable home test to check the sperm concentration in your semen. This lets you to find the exact range of your sperm count within only a few minutes. According to experts, if your sperm count is minimum 20 millions or even high in a single milliliter, your sperm count stays within the normal range.

Readings Of The Test Result

Readings associated with the sperm count check result are simple, as you may get either negative or positive result. Positive result indicates your sperm count as higher than 20 million in one milliliter of the produced semen. On the other side, in case of negative result, sperm count is below 20 million threshold value in one milliliter and you have to undergo with other tests by consulting with a gynecologist or an urologist.

Test Takes Place In Privacy

The best thing about sperm count test is that you may perform it easily by maintaining privacy at your home. In this way, you get crucial information related to your fertility status without any inconvenience and anxiety, which often takes place while going for semen analysis in a hospital or clinic setup.

Test Gives Faster Results

Using home-based sperm count test associated with male fertility test involves simple and easy steps with results displayed within only half an hour period. Moreover, you may get detailed instructions displayed in each of the test kits.

Why Sperm Count Test Is Preferable?

Every one of us knows very well that low sperm count is one among the prime reasons related to reproductive problems in men and because of this, their partners experience hard time in expecting a baby. In other way, in case a man produces sperm in few amounts or produces unhealthy sperm, he has a relatively low likelihood to fertilize the partner’s egg successfully. Along with this, early detection of sperm count gives tons of benefits to men. When you pinpoint the problem soon, you will expect to undergo with proper treatment within less possible span of time and thereby, be able to produce sperms as required to make the partner pregnant.

What To Do When The Test Displays Low Sperm Count?

Sperm count of a man has direct relation with chances to make the partner conceiving. More sperms a male has higher would be his chance for the lucky sperm in finding the way towards fallopian tube followed by the egg.

On the other side, if you produce fewer numbers of sperms, you will have relatively low probability to fertilize the egg successfully. In this situation, you have to consult with your doctor to undergo with proper treatments, including medications and surgeries if required. Besides this, you have to focus on a few healthy habits. These include maintaining your body weight, stopping your smoking or alcohol intake activity. In addition, you have to make sure about overcoming amino acid, antioxidant and mineral and vitamin deficiencies in your body.


To conclude, we should say that one could easily test the male fertility at home based on sperm count. However, in case the test shows negative result, you have to consult with your doctor to undergo with essential diagnose and treatment procedures to resolve the issue quickly.

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