How Much Sperm Does It Take To Get A Woman Pregnant?

How Much Sperm Does It Take To Get A Woman Pregnant?

Whenever married couples plan for a baby, male partner asks a common question i.e. how much semen or sperm requires making his partner pregnant? For this, experts have said that only one sperm and one egg is enough to conceive for a woman. However, most of the times, sperm produced by men fail to reach to the egg for reproduction.

How Much Sperm Does It Take To Get A Woman Pregnant?

Details On Sperm Production And Fertilization

Sperms produced by men consistently remain in danger. This is because; a sperm within the testicle requires 72 days to pass from germ cell to matured sperm cell capable to fertilize an egg. However, during this period, it requires adequate temperature and nutrition to develop in a normal way.

Once sperms mature, they store in long tube referred as epididymis to wait for ejaculation. Similar to other small engines, matured sperm cells are able to produce oxygen species intend to damage cell membranes. After a period of one-week only, sperm cells present in epididymis fails to ejaculate start to die or damage.

On the other side, sperms succeed to enter the female’s body via the tube introduce to an entirely new danger world. This is because; women’s vaginal walls are acidic in nature to protect women from suffering potential infections.

Within the fertile window, the female reproductive system produces a sperm friendly fluid to allow sperms swim up to approach the egg. However, most of the times, sperms get lost within the cervix and when they fail to make their ways within the uterus, white blood cells greet them as invaders and attack to destroy.

Sperms swim crazily for finding the fallopian tube while simultaneously, avoiding their invasion with white blood cells and searching the tube is analogous to searching for a needle in a huge haystack. Hence, among millions of sperms released during the ejaculation, only a few of them make their ways towards the female’s fallopian tube for releasing the egg. Here, sperms have to survive for a long time to meet as well as fertilize the egg.

Fertility Is A Number Game For Men

Considering the aforementioned process, we should say that fertility involves a number game for men. Healthy swimming sperms thus have better chances to pass through fallopian tube and find the egg. However, none of us may correlate the sperm count with chances related to getting pregnant in a précised manner. Reason for this is that men with low sperm count, but with healthy sperm will have improved chance to make the woman pregnant as compared to the one with higher sperm count but unhealthy sperms.


To conclude, we should say that men capable to produce and release healthier sperm cells would remain at relatively higher chances to make women pregnant quickly than others. Moreover, improvement in the sperm count, morphology and motility are the major factors proved to bring improvements in the rate of conception.

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