Facts about Male Fertility

A man in his prime will have active production of sperms, but as soon as a man hits the age of 40, both the quality of sperm and the quantity of the sperm starts to decrease. The whole procedure of sperm production from a man’s testes is biologically termed as spermatogenesis. The entire process of sperm generation takes place within seven weeks. It involves processes like sperm generation, maturation and ejaculation.

Understanding the Important Facts about Male Fertility and Male Sperms

Understanding the Important Facts about Male Fertility and Male Sperms:

Some of the most significant facts about male sperm production and male fertility are:

  • Testes are not only responsible for production of sperms, but are also responsible for producing hormones, out of which testosterone is the most important one. The whole journey of a sperm, till it reaches the egg, is a very long process. Every ejaculation produces around 3 million sperms, out of which only few reach the egg. Every minute, a sperm can travel up to 3 mm, which can often vary according to the surroundings. An environment with higher acidity will decrease the movement of the sperm.
  • A female’s vagina is slightly acidic in nature, which decreases the speed of sperm, and makes it move very slowly. The whole procedure of fertilization gets completed when the sperm reaches the fallopian tube and fertilizes with the egg.
  • Sperms, which fail to reach the uterus cavity are automatically destroyed due to the acidity of the vagina or by the cleansing cells present in uterus. Average amount of ejaculation, which is produced by the male testes, contributes to 3.5 mL, which contains a sperm count of up to 150 million.
  • For all those men who want to be a father, it is very important that they should start taking good care of their health, as it plays a very important role after the age of forty.
  • Food habits and medicines are some of the important aspects, which need to be taken into account when it comes to proper functioning of male sperm. As per fertility facts, a male should be very particular about his lifestyle habits, as it has a direct connection with the production of sperms in the body.
  • As per recent genetic research, males aged 50 years and above are known to transfer different mutation diseases to the sperm, which results in the birth of unhealthy child. If a sperm is damaged, then it cannot penetrate an egg and this problem remains the same even if the semen looks healthy and normal.

Facts about Maintaining and Improving Male Fertility

Facts about Maintaining and Improving Male Fertility

  • Little things can cause a great impact on the quality of the sperm and sperm production. One of the easiest ways to maintain good fertility for a man is to check what he eats. Foods consumed should be low in cholesterol levels, as high levels of cholesterol in the body, can form a hard layering of the sperm, which makes it quite difficult for fusing with an egg.
  • Drugs like marijuana, cocaine, affect the quality of sperm, along with causing problems like erectile dysfunction and more.
  • Men who have undergone any chemotherapy or cancer treatment, have to go through a lot of trouble, as it upsets the testicles which produces the sperm. The best way to deal with such situations is to take assistance of a sperm bank, where a man can store his sperms, before starting any severe treatments.
  • Body weight plays a very important role, when it comes to calculating the sperm count. Not only it enhances sperm count, but right body weight also improves the sperm quality, making it more fertile. Obese men should immediately start working on their bodyweight, as it causes a huge impact on sperm production. Men with the right body weight produce a good number of sperms, as it enables the brain to send signals for its high productivity.
  • The replacement therapy of testosterone also plays a vital role in sperm production. Production of sperm is highly affected when one stops the therapy.

Questions to Be Asked From an Expert Regarding Male Fertility:

Along with proper medical consultation of a female, a male should also seek expert advice, as both the partners hold equal responsibility in having a baby. A man should feel free to ask questions about his fertility, so that no problem arises in future. As the man has to produce sperms in order to have a baby, certain questions, which a man should definitely ask from a medical expert, includes:

  • Does maintaining a healthy lifestyle foster the production of healthy sperms?
  • Are there any medical tests available, which effectively help in checking whether a man is fertile or not?
  • Does any medical condition degrade the quality of sperm? Are there any treatments available?
  • Does taking medicines affect the fertility of males?

Enhancing a female probability of getting pregnant is very popular and people concentrate on women when it comes to reproduction or fertility issues; whereas people hardly know anything about male fertility, and the ways to promote it. Production of male comprises of three processes, which means that the male should take proper steps, during each phase of fertilization. A man should take proper care of his health and lifestyle, so that the quality of the sperms does not get affected. All those men who want to father a child should follow the above-mentioned measures, so that the quality of their sperm remains healthy and they retain their fertility for a long time. It is very important to take proper care of male health and lifestyle to keep fertility intact for men.

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