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Symptoms Of Scabies On The Penis & Its Treatment

Scabies On The Penis

Scabies is a condition that develops as a result of parasitic mites that infiltrate the skin surface. Any area of the body can get affected with Scabies, including the penis. The mode of transmission of the mites is normally by skin to skin contact such as during sexual intercourse. The mites that cause Scabies get into the topmost layer of skin and start laying eggs. This results in severe itching at the affected area. The areas where the mites infest most are the warmer region of the body such as the genital parts. If Scabies occur in the penis then it causes blister like rash.[1]

Every year more than 300 million people are diagnosed with Scabies. World Health Organization has declared Scabies as a neglected skin disease. Scabies is mostly seen in Latin America, Africa, and Australia. Lack of proper hygiene and inadequate nutrition all contribute to the rising cases of Scabies in the developing nations. This condition is seen mostly in children and young adults.[1]

Scabies On The Penis

The lack of proper care for this condition has resulted in higher number of morbidity due to complications of Scabies in many developing countries.[1] This article gives an overview of some of the presenting features and treatment options for Scabies in the Penis.

What Are The Symptoms Of Scabies On The Penis?

Initially when the mites infest the penis it causes severe itching which tends to get worse at night. Following this, there will be development of blister like rash on penis. For people who get scabies on penis the first time, it takes around a month for the symptoms to develop. The mites then spread to other areas of the body if there is prolonged contact with the penis. These symptoms will mostly spread to the thigh, buttocks, and hands.[2]

Scabies is highly contagious and spreads with direct contact of the skin of the affected person. However, for the infection to spread the skin contact should be prolonged and just a casual peck on the cheek or a handshake does not cause the infection to spread. Sexual intercourse is the most common mode of transmission of the mites that cause Scabies even if it is protected sex. Sharing clothing, bedding, and towels, can also cause spread of the infection. The chances of scabies spreading are more in crowded areas like a school, college, or daycare center.[2]

What Are The Treatment Options For Scabies On The Penis?

Scabies is a condition that requires prompt treatment. This is most important for people with a compromised immune system. Any delay in treatment can result in complications as well as infecting others as well. The primary mode of treatment for Scabies is the use of anti-parasitic medications. These medications are termed as scabicides that function by eliminating the mites. The medications are available in the form of a cream or lotions and even orally. It should be noted here that the medications should be taken as instructed by the physician or as present on the label. The physician will recommend applying the lotion to not only the affected area but the entire body so as to prevent the spread of the infection.[2]

The itching sensation tends to be there for a few weeks before subsiding despite complete eradication of the mites causing Scabies. The patients will also be recommended to avoid any type of sexual contact till the time the infection has completely cleared. It is also important to clean all the clothing, bedding, and other clothes that the patient has used to prevent recurrence of the condition. This can be done best by washing them in hot water or getting them dry cleaned.[2]

In some cases, if the rash caused by scabies gets infected by bacteria then the patient will also be administered with a course of antibiotics. People with a severely compromised immune system may have to be admitted to the hospital for treatment of Scabies, especially in the Penis.[2]

In conclusion, Scabies can affect any area of the body, including the penis. The mites that cause Scabies thrive in the warmer area of the body and the genital areas provide the ideal environment for them. The primary presenting features of Scabies in the Penis includes severe itching sensation and formation of crusted rash. Scabies is a contagious condition and usually spreads with sexual contact.[1,2]

Normally, scabies is a benign condition but if not properly treated it may cause complications. This is especially true for people with a compromised immune system and such people tend to have severe form of Scabies and the individual may have to be admitted to the hospital. Thus it is recommended to treat Scabies promptly to accelerate the recovery process and prevent any potential complications.[1,2]


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