15 Tips To Maintain Sexual Health

Sex is no more a hush-hush topic because like food, sex is also an essential need of your body. Sex is great for health and staying sexually active is very important for great sex life. Good sex can help you to stay healthy, happy and stress free. This article deals with 15 tips to maintain sexual health.

15 Tips To Maintain Sexual Health

15 Tips To Maintain Sexual Health

To experience a roller coaster ride of sex one has to maintain active sexual health. Let us look at some of the best and effective tents and tips to maintain energetic and active sexual health for both men and women.

Here are 15 tips to maintain sexual health:

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise and workout keeps your body active and energetic by improving blood circulation. When you exercise you increase your libido formation which promotes sexual health and sexual life. Additionally, regular workout keeps heart healthy which is important for better erectile functioning. Thus, exercising regularly is the basic tips to maintain sexual health.

Quit Smoking

One of the most important sexual health tips is quitting smoking. Nicotine and tobacco can deteriorate sexual drives in both men and women. Tobacco effects can cause erectile dysfunction in men and difficulty to get orgasm in women.

Reduce Intake Of Caffeine

Too much of caffeine intake can cause stress and anxiety leading to lesser desire of sex. Nicotine and tobacco reduces the formation of libido in both men and women. Hence, one of the 15 tips to maintain sexual health is to reduce the intake of caffeinated, alcoholic or other beverages such as coffee and tea.

De-Stress Yourself

Every 8 out of 10 people have been experiencing stress and anxiety due to many reasons. Stress not only causes several health issues but also causes less interest in sexual activities. Stress also causes erectile dysfunction in men and stressed women find it hard to get orgasm on bed. De-stressing yourself is one of the best ways to maintain sexual health.

Love Your Own Body

Until and unless you love your own body you can’t enjoy sex neither obtain healthy sexual life. Falling in love with your own skin and body is very essential to experience good sex life and one of the important tips to maintain sexual health. Loving your own body makes you feel confident and sexually active that increases libido and sexual drive.

Try Abstinence

One of the most effective tips for maintaining sexual health is abstaining a bit. Abstinence is a way to create and ignite the urge with high intensity by staying away from your partner for couple of days that makes your heart grow fonder and crazy for making love.


Masturbating keeps you sexually active and makes you aware of your sexual interests and intensity. Masturbating improves blood circulation to your genitals by improving sex drives. It also gives you better orgasm as well as makes you stay connected your sexual desires and fantasies.

Spend More Time In Foreplay

People who spend more time in foreplay have great sex life. They are more sexually active and healthy. Because sex should be enjoyed slowly and rushing on bed can turn off your sexual drives. One of the essential tips to maintain sexual health is to get better orgasm and climax with foreplay. Foreplay also makes you sexually strong and flexible.

Maintain Personal Hygienic

One of the 15 tips to maintain sexual health is maintaining proper hygiene is very essential. You need to wash and clean your genitals and private areas properly to have great and safe sex life. Staying hygienic not only helps you to have safe sex life but also helps you to enjoy sex with more pleasure and enjoyment.

Get and Give Body Massage

Sensual body massage is always great. It not only arouses you sensually but also circulates blood flow to all parts of your body by making you sexually active and energetic. Give your partner a nice erotic body massage or you can insist to get one by your partner. This is a brilliant way and one of the effective tips to maintain sexual health.

Avoid Eating Junk Foods

Junk foods are usually loaded with fats, carbohydrates and calories which inhibit the sexual urge in your body by making your body metabolism process slow. Junk foods increase the risk of obesity which can affect your sexual health and life. So, it’s better to stay away from burgers and cokes.

Eat Lots Of Fruits And Veggies

Fruits and veggies are always a good option for a healthy lifestyle. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, antioxidants and all other essential nutrients that improve sexual ability of both men and women. These foods also help your body to ward off all health related issues. Hence, adding fresh fruits and green veggies is one of the important tips to maintain proper sexual health.

Get Good Sleep

Sleeping is a very vital need of our body that helps to repair and rejuvenate our body’s damaged and tired cells. Sleep also increases the amount of testosterones production in both men and women that keeps them sexually active and energetic. Thus, one of the 15 tips to maintain sexual health is getting adequate sleep.

Avoid Extra Body Weight

One of the best tips to maintain sexual health is avoiding extra weight! Try to shed some extra pounds by regular exercise or workouts because obesity can deteriorate your sexual health by ruining your sexual life. Over-weight or obese people experience very less sexual drives, poor erectile functioning and poor orgasm too.

Have Morning Sex

Last but of course not the least, one of the 15 tips to maintain sexual health is having sex in the morning. It boosts your sexual health as it fills you with energy as you have already refilled yourself by 7 hours of good sleep. It keeps your mood refreshed and happy by cutting off all stress and anxiety all day. Men and women who indulge in morning sex are more likely to get strong sexual drives even after their 40’s.

Besides all these above mentioned tips and tents for improving sexual health, if your sexual life needs a boost and sensual ignition spend some quality time with your partner, compliment them, try new sexual poses in your bedroom, steal some closet time to have quick romance and keep your bedroom well organized and romantically designed to impress and arouse your partner. Try these 15 tips to maintain sexual health and remember – feel more sex to have great sex!

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