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Exercise and Workout Tips For Diabetes

Someone has rightly said, “Your illness does not define you. Your strength and courage does!” Diabetes is one of the illnesses where the patient suffers from an increased level of blood sugar and experiences symptoms like frequent urination, fatigue, obesity, tiresomeness, etc. However type-2 diabetes is a condition which can be improved or even treated to the best possible level with some specialized exercises and following some essential workout tips. Even a little of physical exercise in diabetic condition has a great effect in its treatment and healing process. In this current article we will discuss about some of the crucial exercises and workout tips for diabetes.

Exercise and Workout Tips

How Would Exercise And Workout Help In Diabetes?

As mentioned above, physical exercises do help in treating the diabetic conditions in a better way; let us here mention about some of the ways how actually exercise and workout helps in Type-2 diabetes.

  1. Diabetes is associated with weight gain and obesity. Workouts, exercises or fitness moves help greatly in reducing weight and making you fitter to overcome the symptoms in diabetes.
  2. It is also that while exercising or physical activities the sugar or the glucose level shifts from the bloodstream to the muscle mass for fuel or energy. The more muscles one has, more is the body’s capacity to store glucose in the muscle mass and keep the blood stream free from excessive glucose level. Thus with workouts and exercises, the blood sugar level can be controlled to some extent.
  3. Exercise and workouts can also assist people in fighting against the long-term risks of heart problems in a better way. Usually people with Type 2 diabetes are at a greater risk for heart diseases in later stages of life. This can be prevented by exercises and fitness moves.
  4. Exercise can enhance the blood circulation to all parts including the legs and arms where there are more chances in diabetes to have problems.
  5. Stress can increase the glucose level in the blood and exercise can help great in reducing the stress level.

Special Workout Tips For Diabetics And Points Of Consideration Before Starting Your Exercises Or Workouts:

It is always advisable to follow the expert tips before you start your exercising session. Especially when you are fighting the battle against any kind of illness. So here are some of the workout tips and points of considerations to be taken in to account before exercising or workouts in diabetic conditions.

  1. Make sure you have consulted your healthcare provider and have your entire check up for your health conditions, especially the heart health and have a permission from your doctor to start with the exercises.
  2. Take references from your doctor and visit the expert physiologists or diabetes educators who will provide you a well organized exercise or workout plan based on your diabetic health conditions.
  3. Make sure you are avoiding lifting of heavy weights while performing the strength training exercises. This can increase the chances of heart problems in diabetes.
  4. You can go for swimming instead of jogging in case you have problems in feet.
  5. Make sure you are checking your blood sugar level before exercising. If it is higher than 240 mg/dl, do not exercise.
  6. Take proper diet prescribed by the expert.
  7. Set realistic goals. Do not be over excited and do not dream of building the entire Rome in one day. It was never built in a day. Take time to start with the minimum efforts and time and gradually increase the pace and intensity of your training or exercise.

When Can Exercise And Workouts Be Problematic In Diabetes?

“Know your danger, keep safe!” You must be made aware that in case your blood sugar level is more than 300 mg/dl or in case you have shorten breaths, or experiencing pain or numbness in legs; keep away from exercises. Consult with your doctor and follow the workouts accordingly as per his advice.

In case of proliferative diabetic retinopathy and Diabetic peripheral neuropathy, strenuous weight lifting exercises, high intensity exercises etc can be problematic

Types Of Exercises Which Can Be Done By Diabetics:

There are three prime types of exercises which can be done in a balanced level in case one is suffering from Type-2 diabetes. Check out what comes in the list

  1. Aerobics for Diabetics: Walking, running, swimming, playing tennis etc are some of the aerobic exercises which can be done for at least 30 minutes a day at least for 4-5 days a week
  2. Strength Training Exercises for Diabetics: Strength training exercises are equally important to be added in the exercising routine in case you are suffering from diabetes and want to get rid of it via physical fitness training. Go for weight lifting, or any other weight training workouts for at least 20 minutes a day in most of the days of the week. Strength training is most crucial in Type 2 diabetes because it helps in growing the lean muscles and thus your body can store more of glucose in the muscle mass and helping you shifts the glucose level from bloodstream.
  3. Flexibility Workout for Diabetics: Flexibility workout includes mainly the stretches done to relax and make the muscle and joints flexible before and after the exercises. This will help you greatly in improving the way your muscle and joints perform.

Some of the Exercises and Workout Plans for Diabetes:

Now here comes the important part of our article. Let us here discuss about some of the crucial workout plans and the exercises included in them which can be included in the fitness routine for an enhanced treatment for diabetes.

  1. Workout Plan: Encourage Interval Timing At Least Once A Week For 30 Minutes

    Any kind of aerobics helps greatly in diabetes. However alternating the high intensity bursts with low or a moderate intensity workout would get the best results in less time. Research says that 10 minutes of interval training per workout is enough to lower the blood glucose level by 13% for up to one day in people suffering from Type-2 diabetes.
    The best thing about encouraging interval timing is you can do it in all types of aerobics, including swimming, walking, treadmill, water aerobics etc.

  2. Workout Plan: Hit the Weights At Least Two Times A Week, 20 Minutes Each Time

    Strength exercises are fair enough to grow muscle mass. It is found that adding strength exercises like weight lifting to the routine aerobic workouts lowered 1% of the blood Hemoglobin A1C value. Here, A1C value refers to a measure for blood sugar control. With this 1% lower A1C the risk for heart diseases got down by 20% and the risk for having kidney or eye diseases lowered by 40%. Even simple strength exercises like squats, push-ups etc can also be included under this plan. Make sure you are doing at least 2 sets of all these moves working upon all your major body muscles.

  3. Workout Plan: Keep Movements At Least For 30 Minutes A Day

    For people who are into desk jobs, it is highly essential to keep the movements. Make sure you are not just stuck at your chair and busy working over your desk keeping your legs and body restricted and dull. It is good to get some physical activities done every day. If you are bound for a desk job make sure you are trying some other ways to keep moving on. Try climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator, you can convey a message personally to a co-worker in your office by visiting his desk or chamber instead of giving a phone call or sending an email.


If you are one of those who is suffering from diabetes and are in a depressed state for not being able to live a normal life without any restrictions then all you need is come out of the comfort zone and work upon the specialized exercises, follow the absolute workout tips and get rid of your illness to it best. Keep a strict note to consult with your doctor and take advises from an expert professional physiologist who can provide you with the best guidance in your workouts and exercises for diabetes.

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