Treatment & Prevention of Trichophobia or Fear of Hair

Trichophobia or fear of hair is a highly treatable fear; the most ideal method for conquering it is through a mix of medications and psychotherapy. Discussing one’s dread or repugnance about hair is likewise a demonstrated technique for conquering the fear.

Contingent upon the seriousness of trichophobia or fear of hair, the specialist may be hostile to nervousness drugs. Be that as it may, these have some symptoms including sluggishness, and so forth. Henceforth, their long haul utilize is entirely denied.

Treatment & Prevention of Trichophobia or Fear of Hair

  • NLP or neuro phonetic linguistic programming is a compelling remedy for treating trichophobia or fear of hair. This treatment was developed by Dr. Richard Brandler and Dr. John Grinder. It includes requesting that the phobic depict the primary occasion/memory which prompted the fear. He is then solicited to “float out of the body” and separate oneself with the memory. She or he is made to trust that their older self is watching a movie of their more youthful self encountering the trauma however going ahead to a more secure place where there is no dread. This reconstructing and separation treatment helps the victim of trichophobia or fear of hair see new points of view so that the sensory system no longer makes a “flight or battle” reaction.
  • Other than NLP, hypnotherapy, unwinding and self improvement strategies like Yoga and contemplation can likewise help one beat trichophobia or fear of hair.
  • Medicines. Medicine can be prescribed for trichophobia or fear of hair, yet please take note of that these medicines can have reactions or potentially withdrawal frameworks that can be extreme. It is additionally imperative to note that meds don’t cure fears, best case scenario they just incidentally smother the frameworks.

Prevention of Trichophobia or Fear of Hair

If you have preposterous feelings of trepidation, consider getting mental help, particularly in the event that you have youngsters. Despite the fact that hereditary qualities likely assume a part in the improvement of fears, over and again observing another person’s phobic response can trigger a fear in kids. By managing your own particular feelings of dread, you will prevent passing trichophobia or fear of hair on to your youngsters.

Coping with Trichophobia or Fear of Hair

Professional treatment can help you beat your trichophobia or fear of hair or oversee it viably so you do not turn into a detainee to your feelings of dread. You can likewise use coping methods for trichophobia or fear of hair:

  • Try not to keep away from dreaded situations in order to cope with trichophobia or fear of hair. Family, companions and your advisor can help you on request.
  • Reach out. Think about joining a self help group where you can find with other people who are experiencing trichophobia or fear of hair.
  • Try not to stop medicines without first conversing with your social insurance proficient, as a few solutions can bring withdrawal signs.
  • Take care of yourself. Get enough rest, eat solid and attempt to be physically active.

Recovery Period/Healing Time for Trichophobia or Fear of Hair

The recovery period/healing time relies on the method of treatment for trichophobia or fear of hair and your specialist ought to be the person who can give you the surmised recuperation time. Counsel your specialist for the recuperation time and for further inquiries like recurrence.

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