Trichophobia or Fear of Hair : Causes, Signs, Symptoms

Causes of Trichophobia or Fear of Hair

People with trichophobia or fear of hair believe that hairs are dirty. Mostly the condition is identified with the dread of germs; one feels that hair may cause them any sort of dieases in they touch it. Hair likewise has a tendency to have oil, dandruff, lice, or some other fungal infections. This leads individuals with restless outlooks to feel revolted or appalled by it.

Causes of Trichophobia or Fear of Hair

Hair loss could likewise trigger trichophobia or fear of hair in men or ladies who fear becoming bald.

Some of the other causes of trichophobia or fear of hair incorporates, an antagonistic or traumatic event in one’s young age including a hairy individual. The mind builds up a mechanism of securing itself by creating a conditioned reaction every time the phobic encounters a hairy individual.

Most of the time, individuals experiencing skin conditions like seborrheic dermatitis may build up this fear as their condition may prompt dandruff, irritation of the scalp and chipping and so on.

Individuals, who are obsessed with cleanliness and are at the verge of having an obsessive compulsive disorder, are also more prone to experience the ill effects of trichophobia or fear of hair. They feel extraordinary nauseate at seeing hair in far-fetched places like sustenance, garments etc…

Signs and Symptoms of Trichophobia or Fear of Hair

A person with trichophobia or fear of hair show different signs and symptoms relying upon the level of their fear. But in general, every one of them experiences a range of physical and emotional signs and symptoms which are recorded underneath:

  • Shivering, trembling at seeing hair is the primary symptom of trichophobia or fear of hair.
  • Feeling disgusted, squeamish or experiencing different gastrointestinal conditions like looseness of the bowels, issues, regurgitating and so on.
  • Many consider hair constantly they may feel withdrew from reality, or feel as though they are going insane.
  • Some demonstrate avoidance behaviour – maintaining a strategic distance from individuals with a lot of hair, or staying away from salons, hairstyling salons and so on. Regularly they decline to trim or trim their hair for a considerable length of time, or may keep others from touching their hair.
  • Some sufferers of trichophobia or fear of hair tend to clean fanatically to guarantee there is no hair lying around.
  • Some are known to encounter a full blown panic attack, quickened pulse, fast breathing, tipsiness, and so forth.

In this way, it is obvious that people experiencing the dread of hair tend to confront numerous challenges in everyday life.

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