What is Trichophobia or Fear of Hair & What are its Risk Factors?

What is Trichophobia or Fear of Hair?

Trichophobia or fear of hair is an uncommon fear which causes a nonsensical, irregular and constant dread of hair. The word is derived from the Greek word “khaite” which means free flowing hair and the word Phobos which means repugnance or dread. Different names utilized for the fear incorporate Trichopathophobia. This word is also derived from Greek word Tricho which means hair and patho for disease. In this way Trichopathophobia stands for outrageous “dread of hair disease” in which a man fears to go bald or develop any scalp or hair issues.

Another name for trichophobia or fear of hair is chaetophobia which means fear of seeing loose hairs on floor, furniture, clothes, etc. Hypertrichophobia is the tenacious and steady dread of hair and is more closely associated with trichophobia or fear of hair.

While a dominant part of the populace spends a considerable measure of cash and time in prepping and caring for their hair, people with trichophobia or fear of hair need to have nothing to do with hair. Most fear other individuals’ hair and, sometimes, even animal hair. Numerous sufferers of trichophobia or fear of hair attempt to maintain a strategic distance from individuals with dense, thick, and wavy or afro style hair. Still others are just apprehensive of loose, stray hair and maintain a strategic distance from spots like hairstyling parlours or salons where there is more prominent plausibility of encountering hair on floor. The phobic does actually have a full blown panic attack at the sight of hair as they believe that they “will be hurt by it”. Numerous understand that their fear is silly; but still they are totally unable to control it.

Some people do not allow others to touch their hair or vice versa, fearing that I might cause one to go bald. Still different phobics are known to freeze at the sight of white or silver hair, or even their own body hair.

What is Trichophobia or Fear of Hair?

When One Need to Visit the Specialist for Trichophobia or Fear of Hair?

A preposterous dread can be a disturbance, trichophobia or fear of hair, for example but however it is not viewed as a fear unless it truly upsets your life. In the event that anxiety influences your ability to function at or socially, consider looking for medicinal or psychological treatment. Most of the people can benefit from outside intervention with the right treatment.

What are the Risk Factors for Trichophobia or Fear of Hair?

These elements may expand your risk of trichophobia or fear of hair:

  • In the event that somebody in your family has a particular fear, for example, a fear of hair will probably create it, as well. This could be an acquired propensity, or kids may learn fears by watching a relative’s phobic response to a protest or a circumstance.
  • The risk of trichophobia or fear of hair may increment in case you are more sensitive, more hindered or more negative than the ordinary.
  • A traumatic occasion in the past can be a risk factor for trichophobia or fear of hair.

Complications Associated with Trichophobia or Fear of Hair

Although fears may appear to be senseless to others, they can decimate the general population who make them cause, issues that influence numerous parts of life.

  • Keeping away from spots and things you dread can bring about scholarly, expert and relationship issues and is a complication of trichophobia or fear of hair. Youngsters with these disarranges are at danger of scholarly issues and dejection, and they may not grow great social aptitudes.
  • Numerous individuals with trichophobia or fear of hair have sadness and in addition other uneasiness issue.
  • The push of living with an extreme fear may prompt substance mishandle.

Tests for Diagnosing Trichophobia or Fear of Hair

There are no lab tests for trichophobia or fear of hair. Rather, the diagnosis for trichophobia or fear of hair depends on an intensive clinical meeting and diagnostic guidelines.

Your specialist will make inquiries about your manifestations and take a therapeutic, psychiatric and social history.

To be determined to have a phobia, you should meet certain criteria in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders distributed by the American Psychiatric Association. The diagnostic criteria for particular fears including trichophobia or fear of hair is:

  • An serious dread or uneasiness activated by a question or circumstance, for example, snakes, flying or tempests.
  • An prompt uneasiness reaction when you stand up to the wellspring of your dread.
  • Fear or tension that is unreasonable or out of extent to the hazard postured by the protest or circumstance
  • Avoidance of the question or circumstance you dread, or continuance of it with extraordinary trouble
  • Significant misery or issues with social exercises, work or different parts of your life because of the dread, uneasiness and evasion.
  • Persistent fear and shirking, typically enduring six months or more.

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