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Lifestyle Changes For Myoclonus

Myoclonus can either be mild or severe depending on the type one is suffering from. Simple forms of myoclonus include hiccups and sleep starts. These have absolutely no drastic effect on the kind of life one lives unless they occur at an alarming frequency. As for severe forms of myoclonus such as epileptic myoclonus or myoclonus dystonia which are associated with other condition, the same cannot be said. Such forms can have adverse effects on one’s life as they can interfere with various movements including walking, eating, talking, and dropping objects in hand. Myoclonus is not a disability, but it can limit one on certain movements.1

Lifestyle Changes For Myoclonus

Myoclonus cannot be prevented, but one can reduce its occurrence. One of the ways of doing that is by taking into account lifestyle choices which will help improve your quality of life. In addition to that, if you have been suppressed to severe cases of myoclonus, you can adopt a lifestyle that is favorable to your condition. For example, you can incorporate a day-to-day routine that is easy to follow, keeps you relaxed and thus reducing instances of myoclonus occurrence.

If myoclonus is attributed to by certain triggers, one can monitor the triggering factors and/or avoid them altogether. Some of the triggering effects of myoclonus include; flickering lights, loud noises and other startling events. In cases of reaction to certain medication, the medication should be switched with better medication that does not cause myoclonus. It is important that before taking any medication, prescribed or over-the-counter, you are aware of its contents and side effects. This will help you avoid any allergic reactions to the medication, which may trigger myoclonus. Furthermore, you will be aware of what to expect with the drugs.

A sleep start, characterized by the leg twitching just before falling asleep, is a normal form of myoclonus. This can be attributed to poor sleep habits, too much intake of stimulants or exercising too late in the evening. Stress and anxiety can also cause sleep starts. Therefore, in such cases, one can turn around their life by ensuring they rest long enough and get quality sleep. In addition to that, reduce intake of stimulants including caffeine. As for drug stimulants such as nicotine, they should be avoided, as they can prove to be detrimental to your health. When it comes to exercising late in the evening, your body at times may not be relaxed enough before going to bed. As a result, your leg muscles may jerk startling you enough to wake up prior to falling in the state of sleeping.

Stress and anxiety is a root of many problems, and if your body or mind is stressed, you may experience myoclonus. Therefore, ensure that you engage in activities that will help you keep calm and avoid those that stress you out or make you anxious. Additionally, ensure that you eat a healthy well-balanced diet to boost your health and get the required nutrients to nurture your body.

Prognosis Of Myoclonus

Most people who have myoclonus do not necessarily have an underlying medical condition. Simple forms of myoclonus are normal and can occur in any individual, even healthy ones. Myoclonus muscle twitches can arise from a single area and spread to muscles in other areas. If that does happen, then you should visit a doctor for examination. The prognosis of simple forms of myoclonus is good as they have no fatal effect on the individual.

On the other hand, severe forms of myoclonus can be fatal, especially if the underlying condition is an untreatable condition. Prognosis of people with underlying fatal conditions such as organ failure and brain tumors may not be promising. You should know that myoclonus is not the dangerous aspect to the patient; rather it is the underlying condition.


Lifestyle changes for myoclonus can be created based on several factors that initiate the jerking of a muscle or group of muscles. For example, if the cause of muscle jerks is drug reactions, those medications should be discontinued immediately. Also, any triggering effects such as high levels of caffeine or sleep deprivation can be tracked and correction measures adopted to decrease the chances of myoclonus. These lifestyle changes can be adopted by any patient to enable them lead a better life with or without myoclonus.


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