What Causes Sweaty Palms & How to Get Rid of it?

Is Persistent Sweaty Palms A Disease?

Sweaty Palms is medically termed as Palmar Hyperhidrosis. The meaning of hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating. Excessive Sweating in the Palms is quite a normal phenomenon and many people suffer from this problem. It is more of a socially embarrassing situation rather than a disease. People having sweaty palms will find it difficult to perform their day to day activities, will have a tough time driving, and also will find it difficult to grip objects like a cup or a jar. If left untreated, it may significantly impact the social and professional life of an individual and hence treatment is required for correcting Sweaty Palms. There are many ways to treat sweaty palms, including surgery. The following article gives an overview of various treatment options available for treating Sweaty Palms.

What Causes Sweaty Palms?

What Causes Sweaty Palms

Coming to what exactly causes sweaty palms, it is related to a terminology called as hypersympathetic activity. This means that the sympathetic chain in the body get overactive. The sympathetic chain is a component of the autonomic nervous system and is situated outside the vertebral colum parallel to spinal cord. The secretion of sweat gland is controlled by autonomic nervous system. In normal situation, when we are in hot weather and the body warms up, in order to cool the body, this sympathetic chain gets activated and perspiration comes out in order to cool the body. While selective sweating of palm is observed in patient during anxiety and fear because of selective hyper activity of sympathetic system which controls the function of sweat gland in palms.

What are the Ways to Get Rid of Sweaty Palms?

Below mentioned are some of the ways to get rid of Sweaty Palms.

Washing: Sweaty Palms do not dry on their own even when the temperature is down hence it is important for people with Sweaty Palms to wash their hands in order to get rid of the sweat, a bit more often than normal people. Once the hands are washed, then you can use a towel to completely dry the palms off.

Sanitizer: Try and keep a sanitizer always with you so that in case of you are driving and Sweaty Palms bothers and you are not in a position to you’re your hands then you can use a sanitizer to get rid of the sweat.

Cooling: Cooling the hands in front of an air conditioner is a useful method in getting rid of Sweaty Palms by reducing the production of sweat.

Powder: Before venturing out to drive, you can sprinkle some talcum powder so that production of sweat is reduced and you will be able to drive normally. Try to keep the powder with you while driving as well as it will be helpful.

Lifestyle Changes: Try and not put any clothing like gloves and the like on the hands which may result in production of sweat and cause Sweaty Palms.

Lotions: Nowadays a lot of people use jellies and lotions which are petroleum based to moisten the skin. These lotions may cause the palms to become more sweaty and greasy so try and avoid applying those in the palms.

Antiperspirants: Antiperspirants are normally used in the underarms but in people with Sweaty Palms this can also be used for the palms to avoid excessive sweat in the palms impeding your activities

Relaxation Techniques: Another cause of excessive sweat is stress and anxiety, so it is important to stay relaxed. This can be done through meditation and yoga. Try and be as active as possible and try to manage stress as best as possible to avoid getting Sweaty Palms.

Iontophoresis to Treat Sweaty Palm: In this procedure, electric current is passed under the skin which stops the sweat from coming out, although this is a temporary measure to prevent Sweaty Palms.

Anticholinergics: These classes of medications are also known to help with Sweaty Palms, as it is in their side effect profile. This may be useful in some cases but is not recommended in active people as their body may get heated during workouts or other activities and it may be difficult to cool it down then.

Sympathectomy to Treat Sweaty Palm: This is a lone surgical procedure which is done to stop Sweaty Palms. It is a very simple and minimally invasive procedure. The individual undergoing surgery may go home the same day and can start normal activities in a couple of days. In this procedure, a nerve from the sympathetic chain is excised thus permanently disrupting signal going to the brain which controls the sweating o the body. This procedure is done only when all other measures have provided no relief from Sweaty Palms.

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