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What Is The Best Treatment For Autonomic Neuropathy?

Autonomic neuropathy refers to the damages caused to nerves responsible to control various internal organs present in the human body. It especially implies damages caused to your autonomic nerves and the damage results in disruption between the human brain and specific parts of one’s autonomic nervous system, like blood vessels, heart and sweat glands.

Problems Caused Due To Autonomic Neuropathy

Autonomic neuropathy may cause various other problems related to-

  • Blood pressure and heart/pulse rate
  • Bladder
  • Digestive system
  • Sweat glands
  • Sex organs
  • Eyes
  • Ability to sense hypoglycemia i.e. the condition of low blood sugar(1)

What Is The Best Treatment For Autonomic Neuropathy?

Treatment procedures or options related to curing autonomic neuropathy include-

Treatment Of The Underlying Problem

The main objective to treat autonomic neuropathy involves the management of any specific condition or disease responsible to cause damage to your nerves.

Management Of Specific Symptoms

A few of the treatment options also intend to relieve your symptoms related to autonomic neuropathy. Treatment, in this case, is according to your affected body part because of nerve damages. Accordingly-

Treatment Of Gastrointestinal Or Digestive Problems

  • A prescribed medicine called metoclopramide to help in emptying your stomach at a faster rate by simply increasing the digestive tract contractions
  • Over-the-counter types of laxative medicines to help in easing your constipation
  • Antibiotic medicines to help in the treatment of diarrhea by simply avoiding the excessive bacterial growth within the intestines
  • You have to increase your intake of fluids and dietary fiber slowly to avoid the problems related to bloating and gas.

Treatment Of Sexual Dysfunction Problems

For Men

Doctors recommend for men experiencing erectile dysfunction the following treatment options-

  • Medications to achieve as well as to maintain an erection, like tadalafil, vardenafil, and sildenafil
  • Application of an external vacuum pump i.e. the device responsible to pull blood within the penis with the help of a hand pump. In addition, the device has a tension ring to maintain the penile erection for about half an hour.

For Women

Doctors give the following recommendations to women experiencing sexual symptoms-

  • Vaginal lubricants to reduce vaginal dryness and allow comfortable sexual intercourse
  • Flibanserin to deal with premenopausal women experiencing low sexual desire

Treatment Of Urinary Problems

  • Doctors recommend you following a particular schedule to drink fluids and to urinate, so that you expect an increase in the capacity of your urinary bladder and in turn, retrain the bladder for emptying it completely at the right times.
  • Certain medications, including the medicine of Bethanechol to make sure about complete emptying of your bladder.
  • Catheterization based urinary assistance, where a tube is placed from your urethra for emptying the urinary bladder
  • Tolterodine and other medications to reduce any overactive urinary bladder

Treatment Of Blood Pressure And Heart Rhythm Problems

Autonomic neuropathy may result in varieties of blood pressure and heart rate problems. Hence, your doctor recommends-

  • Medicines, such as fludrocortisone to regulate your blood pressure by simply helps in the retention of salt in your body, which is essential when you feel dizzy or faint while standing up or working. Besides this, doctors recommend you a few of the other drugs to increase your blood pressure, such as pyridostigmine and midodrine.
  • Doctors recommend beta blockers medications to regulate the heart or pulse rate in case it reaches at a too high level because of your physical activities.
  • If you experience drop in your blood pressure while standing up, you should go with a high-fluid and high-salt diet to maintain the required blood pressure level.(2)


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