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Lifestyle Changes For Noonan Syndrome

Noonan syndrome is a genetic defect. It results in abnormal development in many parts of the body. As it is a genetic defect, it cannot be overturned or cured. Its effects may completely differ from person to person. It is one of the very rare diseases. (1)

Lifestyle Changes For Noonan Syndrome

The treatment and management of the symptoms and the complications arising due to the condition depend upon the severity of Noonan syndrome and also its type. However, many complications may need a collective approach by specialists to manage the condition completely.

Along with this treatment approach, certain lifestyle changes may help in better management of the condition. These changes may include-

  • Having someone always close by to keep a watch on the person affected.
  • Maintain regular visits with the doctor, especially the heart specialists, as the severity of the heart conditions would largely dictate the prognosis of Noonan syndrome
  • Learning disabilities need to be addressed and if they are quite too much, special educational assistance can be sought for those kids
  • Eye and ear problems can further create much more learning disabilities. Eyes need to be checked regularly and so the ears.
  • Eating problems can lead to poor weight gain and nutrition. A good diet plan with the help of a nutritionist, in accordance with the Noonan syndrome characteristics, can help them in gaining proper weight and nutrition

The root of Noonan syndrome is a genetic defect. Hence, it cannot be cured or reversed. The focus of the treatment for Noonan syndrome is to control and lessen the associated symptoms and to prevent and manage complications. Thus, the treatment approach will be different for different people, according to their needs. However, some of the common treatment approaches may include- (2)

Management Of Heart Related Conditions- Heart problems are an important concern and threat in Noonan syndrome. The prognosis of Noonan syndrome largely depends upon the existence and seriousness of the associated heart conditions. These heart conditions may be managed medically or surgically as per the nature and need of the condition. A regular follow-up with your doctor may be necessary to prevent and control future complications.

Management Of Growth Problems- In some people with Noonan syndrome, proper growth may be a subject of concern. This may be due to problems while eating, like chewing and swallowing. There may also be nutritional deficiencies due to the same reason. The growth of the individual can thus get affected. You may be advised to undergo regular blood tests to check your nutrition and growth hormone levels. If growth hormone is inadequate, growth hormone therapy may be considered.

Management Of Learning Obstacles- Learning may be hampered in many people with Noonan syndrome. Eye and ear problems may further contribute to this. In many cases, physical therapy, speech therapy, educational and teaching assistance and special education programs may be required to enhance the learning capabilities of a child

Management Of Bruising And Bleeding- Problems related to clotting or a low platelet level may lead to excessive bruising and bleeding in Noonan affected people. Medicines to help in clotting may be specified. It is also suggested to refrain from taking aspirin if there is a problem of bleeding or bruising

Management Of Kidney And Genital Issues- In the case of genital problems, especially in males, fertility may be a subject of concern if the testicles do not descend or function properly. Surgery may be required to correct this problem. In females, fertility is generally not an issue. Also, due to the concern for kidney problems, a kidney-friendly diet is recommended. (2)


Noonan syndrome cannot be overturned or eliminated. However, with early diagnosis and prompt and efficient treatment, its effects can surely be reduced. Lifestyle changes can be beneficial as an adjuvant to conventional therapy.


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Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
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