What is HPV Vaccine For & Can You Take it After Being Infected?

Also known as human papilloma virus vaccine, this is used to prevent the infections caused by human papilloma virus that is considered to be the biggest cause of cervical cancer among women. There are many medical uses of HPV vaccination which are applicable to males and older women but it is the young children who are vaccinated. Know what HPV vaccine is for and understand if you can take it after being infected.

HPV vaccines is safe and recommended for women who are aged 9 to 25 and are not sexually active. Boys are also advised to take HPV vaccines to prevent the spread of HPV infection. People who are hypersensitive to vaccines or have acute illness and pregnant women are not advised to take HPV vaccine.

What is HPV Vaccine For?

What is HPV Vaccine For?

HPV vaccine is meant to prevent the occurrence of genital warts and cervical cancer among girls and penile cancer in boys. Anal cancer is also warded off with the help of this vaccination and other diseases which are highly dreadful. HPV vaccine is found to be effective and provides protection from the following problems:

  • Genital warts
  • Common strains of HPV
  • Cervical cancers

HPV vaccine is available as

  • Cervarix
  • Gardasil
  • Gardasil 9

These HPV vaccinations are completely safe and many studies have validated the effectiveness of these HPV vaccines. There may be some minor side effects of this vaccination but these are exhibited for a very short duration. Some probable side effects of HPV vaccine include pain, nausea, muscle or joint pain, headache or feeling tired and sometimes fever.

Sometimes, other symptoms like fainting and jerks which can be a little painful for a short span of time, may also be noted. Appropriate treatment of any undesirable symptoms can help in easy recovery. This vaccination is effective for those affected by HPV infection in two ways, one in which causes genital warts and the other case when cancer conditions may become more prominent.

Can You Take HPV Vaccine After Being Infected?

It is completely alright if you want to get HPV vaccine when you are already infected with the disease. HPV vaccine is meant to prevent spread of infection. If you fear the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, it is best to get vaccinated with HPV vaccine. Use of condoms can offer protection in case of sexually transmitted diseases.

You can take HPV vaccine after being infected. It is completely safe and is necessary so that infectious warts do not acquire a dreaded face at a later stage. Even if a woman is suffering from HPV infection previously, HPV vaccine can provide protection against viruses. In case of randomized controlled cases, infections can be warded off by these vaccinations and doctors recommend the usage of HPV vaccine on a major scale.

When a woman does not have a sexual intercourse at a young age, HPV vaccine is effective. But she can be exposed to one or more strains of HPV if she is sexually active. If a woman has been active in her early age and has acquired HPV infection, then also, she can get adequate protection from the problems.

If you take HPV vaccine after being infected, it is still quite effective and this has been proved in various studies. When warts have actually occurred, taking HPV vaccination during infection can be quite effective as well because it works as a treatment to ward off the warts.

Many patients who were already suffering from persistent warts have been cured from the vaccination. HPV vaccine is quiet helpful in providing cures from the disease easily and recurrence of warts, thus HPV infection can be avoided. Out of 150 strains of HPV, most of the infections get cured by themselves but warts of genital and mouth which are most problematic and occurrence of cervical and oral cancer is quite probable as well.

Doctors recommend that children should get HPV vaccine before they become sexually active. But deviating from conventional way, the HPV vaccine serves a good purpose when a person is already suffering from infection. It has been observed that body’s response to immune system is boosted which helps fight infections in the body thus doing away with the warts in a short span of time. In most of the cases, HPV vaccine is seen to be quite effective and helps in warding off warts from the body even after their occurrence.

HPV vaccine ideally is recommended for boys and girls at the beginning of puberty and must be taken with your physician’s advice. However, if you need to take HPV vaccine after being infected, follow medical advice and the recommended schedule.

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