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Treatment for Anogenital Warts & its Recovery Period, Prognosis

Normally the anogenital warts go away on their own, if the anogenital warts do not go away on their own then treatment is necessary for getting rid of anogenital warts.

In this section of the article you will learn about the treatment for anogenital warts, recovery period, prognosis and prevention of anogenital warts.

Treatment for Anogenital Warts

Treatment for Anogenital Warts

If the anogenital warts are not triggering discomfort, you are not required medication. However if you experience symptoms like burning pain and itching, or if noticeable anogenital warts are affecting emotional distress, your physician can assist you eliminate this sickness medications or surgery. But, the lesions may likely to reappear after treatments.

Medications for Treating Anogenital Warts

Anogenital warts medications which can be utilized directly on to your skin comprise of:

  • Medicines like Imiquimod, Zyclara and Aldara can help in treating anogenital warts. These creams perform to improve your immune system’s power to fight against anogenital warts. Keep away from sexual contact when the cream is applied. It may deteriorate diaphragms and condoms and might annoy your partner’s skin. A possible side effect of this medicine is redness on the skin. Additional side effects might include body pain or aches, blisters, rashes, fatigue, and cough.
  • Other medicines such as podophyllin and podofilox or condylox are also helpful in treating anogenital warts. Podophyllin is an herbal resin that wipes out anogenital warts tissue and it is recommended to apply this solution only by the doctor. Podofilox also have the same active composite, but this could be carefully applied by you. The doctor might want to monitor the initial use of podofilox, and he may recommend protective steps to avoid the solution from irritating the surrounding skin. Podofilox for treating anogenital warts is not suitable to use internally and during pregnancy. Sores, mild skin irritation or pain are few side effects of using Podofilox.
  • Chemical treatments such as trichloroacetic acid or TCA are helpful in treating anogenital warts. TCA (trichloroacetic acid) is a chemical treatment which burns out anogenital warts. TCA (trichloroacetic acid) must at all times be applied only by a doctor. Pain, sores and mild skin irritation are few of the side effects due to the usage of this medicine.

Never use anogenital wart removers purchased from a pharmacy to apply on anogenital warts. Most of the general warts remove medicines are not to use on moist tissues at the genital area. Without consulting a doctor if you use wart removers it may worsen the situation with more irritation and pain.

Surgery for Anogenital Warts

  1. Freezing anogenital warts using liquid nitrogen (or cryotherapy)
  2. Electrocautery for treating anogenital warts
  3. Surgical excision for treating anogenital warts
  4. Laser treatments for treating anogenital warts
  5. Leep or loop electrosurgical and excision procedure for treating anogenital warts.

Without medication, external anogenital warts can remain in same condition, increase in volume or amount, or they might go away. Investigations show that not even a single treatment is perfectly flourishing. All treatments have positive and negative effects. The effectiveness of each therapy needs to be contrasted with the cost and side effects.

  • Medication for anogenital warts normally requires a sequence of applications than a one procedure.
  • Anogenital warts in moist sections usually react better to medications utilized to the area affected, such as for acids or creams.
  • Anogenital warts on dry areas may react best to freezing (or cryotherapy) or to surgical elimination.
  • Cryotherapy can be performed when anogenital warts are noticeable and troublesome and are breeding in a small section. Repeat therapies may be required to eliminate all wart affected tissues.
  • The accomplishment of surgery is connected to the amount of anogenital warts. The accomplishment rate is greater and additional procedures are less probable to be required when surgery is performed on fewer numbers of anogenital warts. However surgery is less probable to be required for a few numbers of anogenital warts.
  • Treatment procedure may require anesthesia.
  • Less number of anogenital warts possibly is quickly medicated with removal procedure, like surgical excision or cryotherapy.
  • Self-used/home treatment medicines can be used for vast areas of anogenital warts which need repeated or lengthy treatments.

A sample of anogenital warts investigation for cancer is frequently performed to identify precancerous or cancerous situations. Several selections of therapies for pregnant patients have been discovered to be effectual and safe, including cryotherapy, surgery and trichloroacetic acid.

Home Treatment for Anogenital Warts

Home treatment procedures may not heal anogenital warts and HPV infection. However a doctor may recommend medicines which you can use at home, like gel, imiquimod cream or podofilox lotion.

Caution: Avoid using nonprescription products for anogenital warts elimination to treat anogenital warts. Such medicines are not suitable for the genital section and may trigger serious burning. Use home treatment to feel more relaxing from anogenital warts.

  • Take sitz baths for anogenital warts as a home treatment. This is recommended to do daily. Fill a tub a few inches with warm water and be seated in it for about 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Squeeze a bottle fill with warm water over your genital section to give cleansing and comfort.
  • Use a hair dryer or a heat lamp for several times daily to dry up your genital area. Take care to keep the dryer or lamp at about 18 inches away from the area.

It is vital to keep in mind that many infections are insignificant, without severe complications. Some types of anogenital warts and HPV infection disappear even without treatment; even though human papillomavirus (HPV) might still exist in the cells of your body.

Home Treatment Medications for Anogenital Warts

Medicine can be utilized to devastate troublesome anogenital warts, alleviate your symptoms, and lessen the amount of section distress by warts, specifically when the lumps are:

  • Troublesome, visible, and rising in a small section.
  • As a beauty concern you want them eliminated. Anogenital warts which are growing on external genitals like penis and vulva and around the anus can be eliminated because they are ugly. Some procedures which eliminate anogenital warts are more possible to leave blemishes. Therefore cosmetic concerns regarding blemishing may help direct the selection of treatment.

Up-to-date medicine frequently is the first procedure. For security, a doctor will use the topical medicines which may injure the skin near the warts. At home you can use supplementary medicines for anogenital warts. If warts come back after one treatment course with topical medicine, treat them again solely if there are obvious reasons for retreatment.

The given medicines (topical treatment) can be used to the distressed area at home:

  • Imiquimod (eg. Aldara)
  • Sinecatechins (eg. Veregen)
  • Podofilox lotion/gel (eg. Condylox)

Do not utilize this tropical treatment for anogenital warts during pregnancy. Podofilox and imiquimod are usually the most effectual medicine selection that can be used at home. Follow the instructions gently before using these topical medicines.

You need to get doctors support when:

  • To treat places of your body that you cannot sea/reach easily.
  • To eliminate the anogenital warts rapidly.
  • To treat a vast area of anogenital warts.
  • It gives side effects.
  • Using expensive medicines.
  • It is painful.

Medicines given by a doctor for anogenital warts comprise:

  • Podophyllin resin.
  • Bichloroacetic acid (BCA) or trichloroacetic acid (TCA)
  • Fluorouracil (eg. Efudex).
  • Intralesional (instill into wart wound) interferon.

Anogenital Warts Treatment Through Pregnancy Period

Anogenital warts medications for pregnant women comprise bichloroacetic acid (BCA) and trichloroacetic acid (TCA), which have been discovered to be both safe and effective. Fluorouracil, Interferon and Podophyllin resin, should not be utilized during pregnancy, since they can damage the fetus.

Tips for Eliminating Anogenital Warts

  • Keep away from sexual contact until the anogenital warts treated section is entirely healed.
  • Several medicines for treating anogenital warts are more expensive compared with other medicines.
  • Anogenital warts on the penis or vulva that do not vanish away by their own or even after a medication habitually are biopsied to find out cancerous or precancerous conditions.

Reappearance of Anogenital Warts

Removing anogenital warts does not heal an HPV disease. Warts would vanish away with topical medicines, but they may reappear, because HPV might still be within the cells of your body.

Even though anogenital warts have been destroyed or removed:

  • You might still be capable to infect your sex partners by HPV virus.
  • You should have a practice to use condoms through sexual contact if you have many sex buddies.

Emotional Stress and Anogenital Warts

Emotional stress can aid in the recurrence of anogenital warts. The immune system is completely reliant on the volume of emotional stress you hold in your life. Once you permit your emotions and body to become harshly stressed this helps to breaks down your immune system and does not hold the good immunity necessary to combat off the comeback of anogenital warts. If you sense yourself getting excessively stressed, take an interval and try to rest. Sit in a calm room for a moment by yourself to meditate. Focus on the positive effects in life while holding a deep, cleansing breaths.

Understand to allow the little irritations in life bypass you, and recap yourself frequently about your associates and belongings in life which cause you joy and pleasure. Owing to the truth that anogenital warts is recognized as a sexually conveyed disease, you might not be as capable to communicate the diagnosis, yet with your close associates, which may lead to thoughts of isolation.

Recap yourself that HPV virus become as one of the largely widespread viruses in the planet, with an anticipated 20 million victims, therefore, as you see you are almost not alone. Your emotional fitness has a straight influence on your physical fitness, so do your most excellence to work via your thoughts of guilt, anger and fear.

Lifestyle Changes for Anogenital Warts

Lifestyle changes can help in preventing the recurrences of anogenital warts. If you have come across with anogenital warts triggered by the HPV virus, you have possibly passed through a broad collection of emotions, including anger and fear. Your doctor may have explained the standard medical options obtainable to you including cryosurgery, pharmaceutical ointments, laser treatment or electrocautery for anogenital warts. If not any of these medications seem very interesting to you, you might have surprised about natural healings and even lifestyle and diet changes that will lessen your anogenital warts symptoms. Many individuals need a less persistent and more usual way out to the judgment of anogenital warts although there is no heal as such.

Holistic Treatments for Anogenital Warts

Numerous holistic treatments for anogenital warts are topical in natural world, even though others are built on having or not having certain foods, taking certain supplements, getting sufficient rest and reducing stress. It is vital that you attempt a variety of medications until you have discovered the one that performs greatest for you.

A robust immunity can avoid further occurrences of viruses, and the mode to a strong immune system is owing to good nutrition, exercise, sufficient fresh air and sunshine, the right amount of sleep to rest your body and re-energize. Many supplements to think about for anogenital warts are garlic powder and Echinacea, astragalus, zinc, amino acids, acidolphilus, Vitamins A, C, E and B-complex.

Topical substitute treatments for anogenital warts comprise tea tree oil, strong antibacterial substance, goldenseal- a native antibiotic, Aloe Vera – curing properties, sour apple juice – for magnesium. Other substitutes worth a try for anogenital warts comprise banana skin, cabbage juice, chickweed, rubber plant, pineapple juice, dandelion juice and that.

Recovery Period/Healing Time for Anogenital Warts

Recovery period/healing time for anogenital warts is calculated on the strength of the infection, how common the disease is in addition the type of medication you have select for. Surgical treatment normally takes about 4 weeks to upturn while medications acquires some time for recovery. Your physician is the correct person to let you know what may be the estimated recovery period/healing time for anogenital warts.

Prognosis for Anogenital Warts

The prognosis/outlook for anogenital warts is good as a lot of research has gone into it in the last few years and there are multiple treatment methods which are currently available. Many women who are sexually active with multiple partners will be infected with HPV virus. In most of the cases the HVP virus stays dormant. Men on the other hand who are infected with HPV virus may not develop any signs and indications and face the effects of the virus but they are still capable of transmitting to others currently and in future.

The chances of infecting others are still present even if you get the treatment for anogenital warts.

Prevention of Anogenital Warts

There are few ways to prevent anogenital warts. Making use of a condom whenever you have sex may considerably lessen your possibility of contracting anogenital warts. Even though condom use may reduce the possibility, it is not 100% effective and you may still become anogenital warts affected.

Vaccination is available at present for preventing anogenital warts. A vaccine called Gardasil guard against the damage of HPV which trigger most anogenital warts. Gardasil guard against the HPV damage most possibly to trigger cervical cancer. Cervarix another vaccine guards against cervical cancer not anogenital warts infection.

National Advisory Committee of Immunization Practices (NACIP) advices routine HPV vaccines for boys & girls between 11 & 12 years of age. Unless fully immunized at that age, it is suggested that girls/women up to age 26 plus boys/men up to age 21 obtain the vaccination for anogenital warts. Though, men may obtain the HPV vaccine up to age 26 if preferred.

  • These vaccines are largely effectual if given to teenagers before they turn into sexually active. Investigations have shown that individuals below 21 years and between age 21 and 30 who obtain the HPV vaccine may reduce their possibility of receiving anogenital warts about 50 percent.
  • Anogenital warts Vaccines’ side effects are normally gentle and comprise discomfort at the injection spot (the upper arm), low-grade fever, and headaches like symptoms. Occasionally fainting or dizziness occurs following the injection, particularly in adolescents.


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