Effectiveness of Linzess & It’s Dosage, Side Effects

In case you have a blockage in your intestine, usage of linzess has to be strictly avoided. Linzess must not be given to infant below 6 years of age. Linzess can cause severe dehydration in an infant. Linzess has to be taken on empty stomach in the morning before 30 minutes of your first meal. You should not chew, crush, break or open a tablet but swallow it whole. Intake of Linzess has to be stopped and doctor has to be called immediately in case you have severe stomach pain, ongoing diarrhea or bloody, black or tarry stools.

How Effective is Linzess?

How Effective is Linzess?

Linzess (guanylate cyclase-C agonist) is a prescribed medication used in the effective treatment of chronic constipation and CIC (chronic idiopathic constipation) or IBS (chronic irritable bowel syndrome) in adults with constipation as the main symptom. The effectiveness and safety of Linzess is not established in patients below 18 years.

Linzess functions by augmenting water and chloride secretion in intestine that makes the stools softer thereby stimulate bowel movements.

Before Taking Linzess

If you have linaclotide allergy, you must not use Linzess or if you have intestine blockage.

For children less than 6 years of age, Linzess must not be given. It can cause severe dehydration in a child and it is strictly restricted to give the medication to a teenager or child without a doctor’s advice.

It is also unknown if linaclotide can harm a nursing baby if you are feeding milk to your infant and you need to inform your medical doctor.

What is the Recommended Dosage of Linzess?

General Adult Dosage for IBS:

Oral intake of 290 mcg dosage of Linzess one time a day

Linzess has to be taken 30 minutes before the first meal in the morning on empty stomach.

Do not chew or crush the tablet but swallow the capsule as whole

Use: IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome with constipation)

General Dosage for Adult for Constipation:

Oral intake of 145 mcg dosage of Linzess once a day

Linzess has to be taken on empty stomach thirty minutes in prior to the first meal in the morning

Consume tablets as whole without breaking or chewing the tablet

Used for effective treatment of CIC (Chronic idiopathic constipation).

What are the Side Effects of Linzess?

In case you have any of these allergic symptoms of Linzess get an emergency help immediately: breathing difficulty; hives; inflammation of your lips, throat, tongue or face.

Stop intake of Linzess and contact your doctor immediately in case you have any of the following severe side effects of linzess:

  • Ongoing or severe diarrhea;
  • Lightheadedness (unpleasant sensation of dizziness or feeling that you may faint)or diarrhea with dizziness;
  • Signs of imbalance of electrolyte – increase in urination or thirst, mood changes, leg cramps, confusion, irregular heartbeats, feeling unsteady, fluttering in your chest, limp feeling or muscle weakness;
  • Severe stomach pain; or
  • Bloody, black or tarry stools.

Common side effects of linzess may include:

  • Stomach pain;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Gas; or
  • Full feeling in your stomach or bloating is also a side effect of linzess.
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