9 Pain Pill Mistakes

When Should We Take Pain Pills?

Painkillers should be the last resort for any type of pain, but some human bodies depend so much on drugs that they hardly consider the side effects involved with the pain pills and go on consuming this instant relieving drug as soon as any kind of pain is felt. Every type of treatment comes with their own pros and cons, and a certain procedure has to be followed while consuming pain pills. Thus, knowing about the probable mistakes regarding the pain pills is important, otherwise you might land yourself in serious trouble.

What are the problems related with taking pain pills and how they affect you can have wide repercussions, which are injurious for your health. This article gives information about the probable problems, and the ways to deal with it. Dealing with the pain pills and the problems following its consumption can lead you to a more painful scenario.


9 Pain Pill Mistakes Which Everyone Makes

9 Pain Pill Mistakes Which Everyone Makes

Different people might react differently to pain killers, depending on how their body reflects to the action made. Some might end up facing a cardiac arrest, while other person might just lead himself to a stroke. There are probabilities of problems developing with a human’s kidneys, or other parts of the body, and all of it carries after effects of the mistakes made with pain killers. Let’s discuss them in detail in the section laid down below:

  1. Taking Painkillers for Every Minor Ailment

    If every minor ailment leaves you in trouble then you are probably in a wrong health situation, where your immunity is not up to the mark. Painkillers often come into picture when you are unable to match up with the health status of your body. There are some basic types of analgesics or pain pills, which are available and include the following:

    These pain pills work by sending a signal to your brain and suppress the feeling of pain. Many other good alternatives are there which are quite powerful in terms of suppressing the feeling of pain and which eventually urge you to take rest and relax so that the pain withers away.

  2. Danger of Overdose of Pain Pills

    While talking about the medicines, especially the painkillers, overdose may put you in great risk and in that regards, you may be more in trouble. The situation of overdose proves to be a cause of concern and you need to be aware of the things you are using. Read the labels and don’t forget to check the side effects and risks, so that you get instant alert from the symptoms which you may otherwise ignore due to lack of knowledge.

  3. Taking Pain Pills Can Damage an Otherwise Healthy Body

    When you are on painkillers, even a healthy body could get hampered with the adverse effects. In case of acute liver problems, painkillers can be more damaging than you think. This becomes more plausible when you don’t have any history of heart ailments and liver problems. So, this is a major reason that people with good medical history also fall prey to pain pill problems.

  4. Use Pain Pills With Caution If You Wish to be Pregnant!

    If you are trying to conceive, then painkillers are a complete NO, as is also recommended by majority of doctors. When you are taking painkillers in excess quantities, then it affects a woman’s ovulation and child-bearing capacity. All NSAIDs can be very critical in making the reproductive system suffer, so these pain pills should be avoided at all costs if you desire to get pregnant. Problems with NSAIDs intensify when it enters the circulatory system of fetus and cause damage to it. So, if you wish to be pregnant, staying away from pain pills is essential. Make sure to take expert medical advice before starting any pain pill while you are trying to conceive.

  5. Pain Pills Should Not Be Used For Reducing Fever

    Fever needs antipyretics, which are medicines that bring down fever and not pain pills. Consumption of painkillers during increased body temperature could lead the body to conditions that might be worse than the current one, and thus should be avoided.

  6. Taking Pain Pills Before Strength Training & Heavy Exercise

    Taking pain pills right before your workout regime could be harmful to kidneys and bring them closer to umpteen dangers. Apart from being a problem to kidneys, taking pain pills right before a workout creates probabilities for injuries during the exercise process.

  7. Prolonged Intake of Pill Post-Injury

    After an injury, even the doctors put the patient under the influence of painkillers, but for a limited time. Prolonged consumption of painkillers even after the injury has healed can worsen your condition making you more prone to other ailments apart from what you are already suffering from. A span of up to 3 days should be followed for pain killer consumption and beyond that is considered harmful.

  8. Combining Aspirin with NSAIDs

    Be very cautious when you are taking aspirin with NSAIDs, as this puts an undue pressure on your heart and arteries. Aspirin is used for making heart functioning easier and NSAIDs can block the functioning of aspirin thus making it tough for your organs to cope up with the problems.

  9. Wrong Combination of Anti-Depressants & Pain Pills

    Yet again, when you combine your anti-depressant pills with pain pills, there are going to be problems with your brain, which may even cause brain bleeding.



With the above precautions in mind, you have to be watchful about the problems, which can pop up if you are on pain pills. So avoid taking pain pills unnecessarily, the wrong combination of medications and seek better health care practices.