What Is The Best Medicine For Neuromas?

Morton’s neuroma is a painful feet condition and it involves thickening of various tissues across either of the nerves leading towards the toes. Because of this, you experience a burning and sharp pain in the ball area of your feet. Even the problem may cause burning, stinging or numb feelings of the toes. In simple words, the condition affects the ball area of one’s foot and commonly it occurs in between the third toes and fourth toes.

What Is The Best Medicine For Neuromas?

What Is The Best Medicine For Neuromas?

Medications, Vaccinations And Cushions/Pads To Cure Neuromas

At the initial stage, doctors recommend for few of the home remedies to overcome or manage your neuroma symptoms. However, in case you fail to get relief or experience further complications, doctors recommend for the following medicines and vaccinations in combination with necessary pads and supports to cure your Morton’s neuroma.

Medications And Injections For Neuroma

Oral Anti-inflammatory Medicines. Anti-inflammatory medications are recommendable to reduce both pain and inflammation in a significant way in neuroma.

Cortisone Injections. Cortisone injections are powerful and anti-inflammatory type of medications used in a rapid way for reducing the pain related to any inflamed nerve. Pain relief experienced from vaccinations mentioned here are of temporary type. Doctors typically recommend for cortisone injections once at the interval of 2 months. On an average, doctors give 3 injections to relieve of your pain.

Sclerosing Alcohol Injections. If you are in extreme condition associated with Morton’s neuroma, your doctor may recommend for sclerosing alcohol injection to place across the involved nerve to make its capacity weak to report foot pain or any other neuroma-related symptoms. In simple words, sclerosing alcohol vaccine deadens the neuroma-affected nerve. Pain relief you obtain from sclerosing alcohol injection is of permanent type. Doctors typically administer this type of vaccine once in each week and it continues for few weeks or for up to the period you resolve your pain.

Pads, Orthotics and Therapy to Use with Medications/Vaccinations

Along with the aforementioned medications and vaccinations, doctors recommend for additional treatment options to deal with Morton’s neuroma related pain.

Physical Therapy. Physical therapists recommend you for ultrasound or any other related technique to reduce your inflammation. Even he/she may give you instructions related to stretching your feet and legs in a right way.

Customized Foot Orthotics. Customized foot orthotics is an arch support prescribed by podiatrists. Orthotics made directly by using mold or casting of the feet. According to the theory, casting provides superior level of support as compared to any shoe insert you buy from any pharmacy center.

Protective Pads. Cushions or pads of the ball area of your feet prevent any physical irritation, especially the burning sensation, while you wear shoes.

If we talk about the feeling, we should say that Morton’s neuroma gives you the feeling, as you are standing on any pebble present in the shoe or any fold in the sock. High-heel shoes have close relations with the development of neuroma problem. Most of the individuals have experienced relief by simply switching to low heeled shoes equipped with wide toe boxes, while others have benefited with common home remedies.

Symptoms Of Morton’s Neuroma

In typical case, you may not find any outward sign and symptom related to Morton’s neuroma condition, like for instance the formation of a lump on the affected area or else. Rather, a person experiences following major symptoms-

  • Burning sensation in combination with pain (moderate to chronic one) in the ball area of the foot and it may radiate in the toes.
  • A feeling of standing on any pebble present in the shoes
  • Numbness or tingling in the affected toes

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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