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7 Mistakes Parents Make With Their Kids’ Teeth

Taking care of the teeth is vital for good oral health. Teeth can be best taken care of by regularly brushing them. This is especially true for small children who tend to have sensitive teeth. For them, frequent visits to the dentist, balanced diet, and regular brushing all play a major role in keeping their teeth healthy and free of any cavities[1].

However, studies have shown that more often than not, parents make mistakes with regard to the dental hygiene of their kids. As a fact, studies reveal that around 40% of children between the ages of 2 and 10 have cavities in their milk teeth[1].

Studies have also shown that around 20% of children between the age of 6 and 14 have cavities in their permanent teeth. This data is referred from Center for Disease Control or CDC. The article below underlines the 7 major mistakes that parents make with regard to the teeth of their young ones[2].

7 Mistakes Parents Make With Their Kids’ Teeth

7 Mistakes Parents Make With Their Kids’ Teeth

Mistake #1: Parents Stop Monitoring the Kids: The first and the most common mistake that parents do with regard to the dental hygiene of their kids is that they stop monitoring how their kids brush their teeth. It is quite common for toddlers to want to brush their teeth alone[3]. This, however, does not mean that parents should stop monitoring them as kids may not know the right way to brush the teeth. It takes time for them to learn the right technique to use the brush anywhere upwards of 6 to 7 years. It is advisable to allow the kids to brush alone, but always keep an eye on them and correct them when you feel they are going wrong. The best would be to brush your teeth along with your kid[3].

Mistake #2: Giving Drinks Continuously: It has also been seen that some parents offer too much of drinks aside from water to their kids throughout the day and night. This is a bad practice and a big mistake that parents make with their kids’ teeth. Studies show that too much of juices, cool drinks and even milk can cause tooth decay[3]. Additionally, the added sugars in these drinks risk the chance of cavities. It is thus recommended to give water instead of carbonated beverages to keep the teeth healthy[3].

Mistake #3: Giving Bottle at Night: Parents usually resort to this tactic if their child has a tendency to wake up at night. A bottle of milk or water, which the child sucks makes them go back to sleep causing little to no disturbance to the parents. The problem with this practice is the presence of bacteria, which is at all time high due to persistent sucking at the bottle. This ultimately becomes a reason for tooth decay, as while sleeping there is not enough saliva produced to clear away bacteria and acids that form on the teeth[3].

Mistake #4: Giving Acidic Drinks: Another common mistake that parents do with regards to their child’s dental care is to give their kids acidic drinks like soda. While such drinks are taste good, but they have a negative effect on the overall dental hygiene of the child. These drinks are high on acids, such that the pH balance in the mouth of the kid goes out of whack. Instead use water and limit these drinks to just one in between every meal[3].

Mistake #5: Giving Snacks that Stick to Child’s Teeth: This is yet another mistake that parents make when it comes to dental hygiene of their kids. Snacks like bananas are healthy, but they tend to stick to the growing teeth of the child. This results in an increased likelihood of cavities. If you are giving your kid a snack that sticks to the teeth, then ensure that the kid drinks enough water so that any food particle that is sticking to the teeth may be washed off[3].

Mistake #6: Missing Your Child’s Dental Appointments: Another common mistake that parents make is to delay taking their kid to the dentist for a dental checkup. Parents should ensure that they take their child to the dentist by the time they are two years old just to take a look at the state of their teeth[3].

Mistake #7: Not Knowing the Importance of Dental Hygiene in Children: Some parents just neglect and do not realize the importance of teeth. This results in the development of cavities and other dental disorders in young children. It is thus recommended that it should be the duty of the parent to take good care of their kids’ teeth so as to avoid any other infections that may develop due to neglecting dental care[3].


In conclusion, teeth are extremely important and milk teeth are essential to ensure that the permanent teeth are properly spaced. Thus taking care of milk teeth becomes extremely important. Additionally, by following the above guidelines, parents can ensure that their kids do not develop cavities by the time they are 6 or 7 years of age and reduce the chances of them having teeth, which may not be good to look at and dent their self-confidence.


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