10 Teeth Whitening Secrets For A Sparkling Smile

An Overview of Sparkling Smile and Dental Health!

Teeth staining can occur at any age because of certain foods we eat, beverages we drink, lifestyle that we follow and unhealthy practices that we engage in. Even our lack of awareness towards oral hygiene causes dental issues. Are you missing your beautiful smile because your white teeth have lost their lustre and become yellow, stained and discolored? Wish to know how to get back their pearly white look and sparkling smile? By following certain DIY (Do It Yourself) remedies, undergoing some dental procedures, and following certain do’s and don’ts, you can prevent tooth staining and restore your dental whiteness and pretty smile.

10 Teeth Whitening Secrets For A Sparkling Smile

Teeth Whitening Secrets For A Sparkling Smile

#1. Tooth-Whitening Kits for that Dazzling Smile!

Home tooth-whitening kits available in the market contain bleach called carbamide peroxide, which helps to remove both surface and deep stains of tooth. It actually has the ability to change the natural tooth color. The peroxide based gel in some kits needs to be applied on the surface of the teeth using a small brush. In other kits, this gel is filled in a tray which molds to the teeth. One would need to wear this tray for about 30 to 45 minutes daily for a week or more to get rid of the dental stains. This method proves extremely effective in eliminating coffee stains from the teeth.

#2. Whitening Strips for a Sparkling Smile

One can easily get rid of tooth stains by wearing the thin, virtually invisible, peroxide-based whitening gel-coated tooth whitening strips. One needs to wear these strips on their teeth for a few minutes every day for about a week or more. These strips are safe and easy to use. The results will be visible within a few days and their whitening effect on the teeth can last for a year.

#3. Whitening Toothpastes and Rinses for your Pearly Whites

One can also get the unsightly surface stains off their teeth with the help of over-the-counter gels, toothpastes, and rinses. Most of these products contain polishing agents, chemicals, or mild abrasives which help to remove the dental stains without changing the natural color of the teeth. This one secret is worth of knowing.

#4. Natural Dental Whitening Foods

Foods like cauliflower, strawberry, cheese, apples and celery are natural teeth whitening agents. One must have more of these to keep the gums healthy, teeth clean and dental stains at bay to have that sparkling smile naturally.

#5. Quit Smoking to Preserve your Sparkling Smile

Not only does smoking harm the health, but it also harms the teeth. When it comes to teeth staining and discoloration, smoking is one of the worst offenders. Tobacco triggers the formation of brown stains in the pits and grooves of the tooth enamel, which are hard to remove just by brushing. The longer one smokes, the more entrenched their dental stains become. Smoking also causes gingivitis and bad breath, and increases the risk of cancer. So to keep your teeth sparkling, one must quit smoking immediately.

#6. Drinks To Be Avoided

One must avoid beverages like dark sodas, tea, coffee that cause dental discoloration. Along with being loaded with disease fighting antioxidants, drinks like cranberry juice, red wine, and grape juice can easily cause dental stains. Further, long term use of bottled lemonade and certain energy and sports drinks cause erosion of tooth enamel, which ends up making the teeth thin, translucent and discolored. To prevent this tooth erosion, one must avoid sipping these drinks for a long time and should always rinse their mouth right after having these drinks.

#7. Foods To Be Avoided

Although their deep color gives fruits and vegetables like blackberries, blueberries, beets, etc. their nutritional punch, it is also responsible for causing dental discoloration and hence spoiling the effect of your smile. However, one must eat these to stay healthy, but should brush and rinse their mouth with water immediately after having these fruits and vegetables to prevent dental staining. By practicing this, one can keep their pearl whites sparkling forever.

#8. Harmful Medications

Antibacterial mouthwashes containing cetylpyridinium chloride or chlorhexidine, certain antipsychotic drugs, blood pressure medication and antihistamines can cause tooth stains. The antibiotic tetracycline also causes gray teeth in children. Avoiding these medications is another secret to keep your teeth and smile bright and sparkling.

#9. Dental Hygiene for Healthy Teeth & Smile

By brushing at least twice a day, especially after meals, one can maintain healthy, white, sparkling smile. Brushing helps to remove dental plaque and prevent staining and discoloration of teeth, especially at the gum line. One must also floss their teeth and use an antiseptic mouthwash daily to ensure utmost oral hygiene to have a great smile.

#10. Regular Dental Check up

Everyone should go to a dentist for regular checkups and get their teeth cleaned professionally. With the polishing and abrasion methods, dentists can effectively remove most teeth stains caused by tobacco and food. People who have crowns, bridges, dental veneers, fillings, and bonding must approach teeth whitening with caution since these manufactured teeth do not whiten with bleach and other whitening methods and stand out amidst the newly whitened natural teeth. Apart from these dental procedures, one can also get sparkling white teeth at home by applying certain dietary and lifestyle changes.

Home Remedies for Sparkling Smile

A lot of people prefer using classic home remedies to get a sparkling smile. One such common remedy is the application of baking soda on the teeth using a tooth brush. Also, certain foods like carrots, pears, apples and celery, help to increase the production of saliva in the mouth which further helps to naturally clear the food debris from the teeth to make them pearly white. Another tooth cleansing action is chewing sugarless gum. This not only helps to cleanse the teeth, but also triggers saliva production in mouth. Saliva helps to neutralize those acids in the mouth, which are known to cause dental decay. Using these home remedies can certainly give you that sparkling smile that you have always desired.

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