What Are The Early Warning Signs Of Testicular Cancer?

Understanding Testicular Cancer

Testicular Cancer is perhaps one of the common types of cancer seen in males between the age of 30 and 50 after skin and prostate cancer even though its existence is quite rare when compared with other forms of cancer. Testicular Cancer occurs in the testicles which are located within the scrotum which hangs below the penis. The function of the testicles is to produce sperms and a sexual hormone called testosterone. The testicles play an important part in the reproductive system of males.

Testicular Cancer is a one such type of cancer which can be treated quite successfully if diagnosed early or even if it has spread to surrounding structures. The treatment for a Testicular Cancer is formulated depending on the stage of the cancer and how far it has spread.

What Are The Early Warning Signs Of Testicular Cancer?

What Are The Early Warning Signs Of Testicular Cancer?

The early warning signs of a Testicular Cancer include a Testicular Lump normally affecting one testicle. The individual will feel that one testicle is heavier than the other. The individual will also feel a dull ache in the abdominal area and groin. There will be collection of fluid in the scrotum.

An individual with a Testicular Cancer will also experience breast tenderness and enlargement which along with testicular heaviness is a clear warning sign of a Testicular Cancer. Pain which may range from mild to severe is also experienced by individuals with Testicular Cancer.

In some cases, Testicular Cancer also causes the individual to feel back pain at times. It is important to note here that Testicular Cancer normally affects only one testicle. Thus, if an individual has the above mentioned signs along with pain and swelling of the testicle, and the testicular lump changes in size and texture in a period of more than three weeks, then it is mandatory for the individual to get checked up to rule out a Testicular Cancer.

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